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Price: $34.95 $29.99
Studio: CockyBoys

Cockyboys Presents Tagged

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Two are better than one! Cockyboys' best 3ways combine in this hot movie that'll have you creaming your pants!

Gabriel and Andrew DP Trent
I'm telling you, I've never seen such "hostility" towards a bottom on our site before. I am legally forbidden to use certain words on the site but if I could - you bet I'd be using them right now. What these two do to poor Andrew (a.k.a. Cockyboys' new Power-Bottom-Boy) should be the official way a boy is broken and turned into a man. After seeing the abuse that boy took in this scene I have so much more respect for him now. There is just absolutely no mercy shown to him. Both of his holes are full of cock the entire time and towards the end they stuff their giant dicks in his ass at the same time too. Unable to hold it anymore, Andrew shoots his load onto Gabriel's chest but (un)fortunately for the poor bottom boy the fucking ain't over yet. Don't miss the ending too! Gabriel and Trent literally redefine the meaning of "cum bath" as they practically shower Andrew's face and drown him in gallons of cum. This scene changes everything. Again. Check it.

Derrick and Kevin Fuck Tory
Anyone up for a twink sandwich? This one is really Derrick Vinyard, Kevin Cavalli and Tory Mason fucking around at my loft, that turns into some pretty hot three-way fucking where Tory takes it from Derrick and Kevin. It's a great chance to see the guys in a more informal setting as the guys really have fun with it while Tory's ass takes a good workout. The scene opens with the boys stroking each other's cocks, then moves on to three-way oral. Next Kevin and Derrick decide that Kevin will fuck Tory first, and the hardcore action begins as Kevin and Derrick take turns working Tory's tight twink hole. If you're into 3 ways, and just like to see a twink take it, you'll like this one. Check it.

Jesse, Guy and Dante
So I'm sitting at home one night and I get a call from Jesse Santana. "I didn't know Dante works for us!" he said. Dante hasn't been in a scene in awhile so I was intrigued. Turns out Jesse and Guy Parker (a real couple) randomly met Dante at a party -- had no idea he worked for CockyBoys -- and took him home anyway and had wicked three-way sex all night. Next thing I know they were all three on their way to Los Angeles to visit and hang out. Now that's just too much wasted cock and ass not to shoot them fucking, so the game was on. This scene starts with the boys kissing and stroking eachother's cocks. You can tell how really into eachother they are. Lips turn to cocks as the boys then venture into giving eachother head. Then Dante rims Jesse's ass while Jesse blows Guy. Now if you've never been rimmed while giving head, you just don't know what you're missing. All worked up, Jesse stands up, bends Guy over, and starts fucking him hardcore doggie style. The boys fuck and suck in every direction you can imagine. The scene ends with Jesse blowing his load while he rides Dante's cock. Guy then shoots all over Dante's face. It turns out Dante came in his condom -- that little bastard -- that's a no no in my book, but who knew? Anyway -- its one hot boy fuckfest! Check it, and have a great July 4th!

Phenix, Jason and Andrew
I've said it before and I'll say it again - I'm a sucker for a hot threeway and it's been too long since I filmed one. My picks for this one - Phenix, Jason & Andrew. The guys start off kissing and licking each other. Then Andrew and Jason go to work on Phenix's hot cock. The guys get into some hot daisy chain action before Jason decides he's ready for some dick. Jason bends over while Andrew fucks him in the ass and Phenix fucks him in the mouth. Then Phenix gets in line to fuck Jason but he's got a surprise coming - Jason throws Phenix on the bed and before he can say no, Andrew's balls-deep in Phenix's ass and Jason's shoving his cock into his mouth. Then it's Jason's turn to fuck Phenix doggie style. He gives it to Phenix good while Phenix blows Andrew. Andrew, not to be left out of the "putting things in my ass" club, pulls out a dildo and fucks himself while he and Jason jerk out their loads all over Phenix's back. What can I say, three's a magic number. Check it.

MJ Fucks Tory and Jason
It's no secret that I've always been a fan of the threeway. I mean - if two's company, three's a party right? I thought a little locker room role-play situation would be hot....and I was right. Tory, MJ, and Jason start off in nothin' but their jocks. After dispensing with some small talk they go right into some threeway kissing - hot! Jason and Tory drop to their knees to give MJ some double mouth-on-cock action. MJ, only too happy to return the favor, makes his way to the floor and laps up their two cocks. Then it gets REAL fun. Tory and Jason get on all fours so MJ can take turns eating them out. Not being the greedy types - Tory and Jason return to worshipping MJ's cock. It ain't long before it's obvious that MJ is ready for some deep dickin'. Tory bends over on the locker room bench so he can suck on Jason's cock while MJ plows his tight ass from behind. Tory takes it like a champ for a while and then the boys decide it's time for Jason to be spit roast. MJ straps on a new condom and gives it to Jason good while Tory pushes Jason's head up and down onto his cock. Then the boys get inventive! Tory lays down on the bench so Jason can fuck him missionary style while MJ fucks Jason from behind. What I wouldn't give to be a part of that sandwich! The action gets too hot for the boys to hold back anymore. Tory cums all over himself. Seconds later MJ and Jason hose down Tory with loads of their own. Hell - I don't even know why people bother with one on one sex.

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