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ream his straight throat 9 satyr films

Ream His Straight Throat 9

Price: $39.95 $9.99
Studio: Satyr Films
Quantity Out of stock

Satyr Films presents Ream His Straight Throat 9

The newest installment of the Ream His Straight Throat series. Fans will not be disappointed by this balls-out hardcore film.

Watch the trailer here:

Scene One: Billy Long

ream his straight throat 9 ream his straight throat 9 ream his straight throat 9

Billy Long borrowed money some months back from Rock. He and his girlfriend have come to negotiate some kind of a payment. Rock proposes throatfucking his girlfriend until the balance has been paid off.

Billy ever her knight in shining armor decides that he would rather get throatfucked himself than let Rock assault her pretty neck with his fat manmeat. Of course, Billy is not prepared for what is to come. Rock wastes little time in probing Billy's straight throat while his girlfriend watches.

Billy's eyes swell up and the tears to start to flow as our Satyr pounds away and away whittling away the balance with every thrust.

Rock then pushes Billy's face into his manhole and makes Billy slurp his butthole with long, wet licks. After Rock has decided that Billy has paid off his Satyr debt Rock shoots his creamy load down Billy's throat. His girlfriend looks on relieved that she has not had to endure such a throat pounding.

Billy, we can see that you truly love your girlfriend. We hope she feels the same for you.

Scene Two: Gabriel

ream his straight throat 9 ream his straight throat 9 ream his straight throat 9

Rock and Gabriel make quite a pair. These two straight studs who have girlfriends have a real chemistry together. Rock was hired to throatfuck Gabriel only but midway through the scene these guys are so into each other that Rock shoves his fat cock deep inside Gabriel. Gabriel is really, sexy masculine guy who really can take a cock well.

Gabriel does the best he can taking Rock's cock deep inside his throat. His face goes from composed to a complete wreck in a matter of minutes. His eyes are red and watery.

Rock fucks and throatfucks Gabriel like a rag doll. But Gabriel ever the man pushes back. His holes are punched and stretched to their capacity. Rock inserts his cock back and forth between Gabriel's mouth and his ass. When the finally hold back no more, Rock shoots his signature creamy load into Gabriel's mouth. The load flies uncontrolled all over Gabriel's face as well. Gabriel's girlfriend has not the slightest clue what her man has been up to. Don't ask, don't tell.

Scene Three: Frank Fatone

ream his straight throat 9 ream his straight throat 9 ream his straight throat 9

Frank is a hot, sexy, straight stud who was referred to us by one of our models. He was in need of some cash but much more in need of some real throatfucking. This is Frank's first time being with a guy. But you wouldn't of believe he is virgin to cock by the way he took our Satyr cock and ate our Satyr ass. Frank is one of those men who is blessed with an amazing cock. We hope to use that ramrod of his in some future gangbangs.

Frank's ass-eating is aggressive and intense. He ate our Satyr ass like he was competing in an ass-eating contest. He shoved his tongue in our manhole and sucked on our sphincter until he left a hickey around our fuckhole.

He gagged and choked on our thick, Satyr cock until his eyes welled up with tears. But of course us being the expert throatfuckers we had to push him to his limits. Frank, ever the diligent newbie took the pounding like a real man. When it was time to release our huge load he swallowed a mouthful of Satyr jizz. His girlfriend must be wondering why his mouth tastes like cum.

Scene Four: Tyler Dee

ream his straight throat 9 ream his straight throat 9 ream his straight throat 9

Tyler is a married, straight stud who was referred to us by another one of our straight models. He was out drinking with one of his buddies when he found out that Satyr pays good money for gay for pay models. His wife works in a Fortune 500 company so he was a little concerned that some of her co-workers might find out. But he was really desperate for cash that his reservations were quickly overcome once we flashed the cash.

Rock starts gently as it is very obvious that Tyler has never had a cock in his mouth. His gag reflex is really evident as he tries as best he can to take Rock's cock. But being the Satyrs that we are we were determined to throatfuck him into next week. His struggle was genuine, as we had to take several breaks to give him a chance to recover.

Rock always the cock master in these situations pushed Tyler to his limits. He pushed Tyler's head into his legendary hole. He pretty much ordered Tyler to explore every part of a man, from his armpits, his nipples, his balls, his cock and manhole. He also stuck his tongue down Tyler's throat.

Tyler, took it like a real man. He never once cried "uncle" although he gasped and gurgled as Rock's cock filled up his straight throat. Rock finally shot a thick, fat load into Tyler's mouth. Tyler collapsed onto Rock's chest. We hope to bring Tyler back for his first ass fucking. Stay tuned!

Scene Five: Rock Bottom

ream his straight throat 9 ream his straight throat 9 ream his straight throat 9

Luke Warm insisted that the only way he would allow Rock to throatfuck him would be if could throatfuck Rock. We agreed only because we thought it would be a hot scene. And boy was it. Luke has a nice fat cock perfect for throatfucking.
Luke wasted no time in getting down to business. Rock had decimated Luke the day before and Luke was out for revenge. Luke grabbed Rock's head and proceeded to skull fuck as hard as he could. Rock opened his throat as wide as he could but it was obvious he was struggling to take Luke's cock down his throat. Of course, that did not matter to Luke as he was determined to throatfuck Rock the way Rock had throatfucked him the day before.

Rock gags and chokes on Luke's big, fat dick for a good length of time. It is relentless and aggressive. Rock has not had a throatfucking like this in a while. He continues to insist that he is straight while his throat is pounded from every position imaginable.

Luke is truly enjoying this. He holds Rock's hands down while he rams his cock deep down Rock's throat. Rock flails his legs around as he gasps for air in between thrusts.

The slobber starts to run as Rock fights off the thick man meat going in and out of his throat. Luke shoves a funnel into Rock's mouth and then shoots his load into it. Rock swallows Luke man juice and lies there completely wasted with a throat coated in cum. Rock we still think you're straight!

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