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Cream of the Cock Vol. 4

Price: $44.95 $29.99
Studio: CockyBoys

CockyBoys Presents Cream of the Cock Vol. 4

Pierre Fitch! Gabriel Clark! Austin Wilde! Ricky Roman! Bravo Delta!... We could go on! This is indeed a special edition of Cream of the Cock. We strolled down memory lane and put some of the biggest and best CockyBoys together in this volume. It's another 4+ hours of classic CockyBoys!

Scene 1: Gabriel Clark, Bravo Delta & Ben Rose

When you throw three dominant guys into a bed together and tell them to fuck, it's always interesting to see which one of them sacrifices his ass for the other two. I knew that it's a tough job convincing Gabriel Clark to bottom (especially when he has his sights set on a hot piece of ass), and Bravo Delta's world famous cock is just too enormous not to be put to good use, so that left the multi-talented Ben Rose. Ben really means business when he tops, so it was pretty hot to watch Gabriel and Bravo completely overpower him. The two worked well as a team and actually tagged each other so they could each get an equal amount of time plowing Ben's tight hole. It was Gabriel's first time meeting Bravo, but I could tell they were going to get along great. They have a lot in common, after all... they're both no-nonsense tops, they both have huge cocks, and they both used Ben's pecs, abs, and face as a landing ground for their thick, gushing loads!

Scene 2: Mason, Tommy, Gabriel & David

Today is another epic day for Cockyboys! Gentlemen, I am excited to share with you the newest blockbuster of gay porn - "The Fourgy". It is everything you've ever wanted from your porn. I took my 3 newest and hottest pornstars and added to the mix one more fuckingly-stunning, super-mega-hot stud, David, and this scene is about to rock your world! There will be so much jizz shooting out of your dicks that you'll be wondering where all that came from! ...and if there's more in there? I don't want to give out too many of the details but I'll just say that one of the guys really enjoyed getting drunk on cum... and I mean that literally- after swallowing 4 HUGE loads of cum. What a cum whore!!! LOVE IT!

Scene 3: Kennedy & Jecht

Kennedy Carter is - simply put - a love making machine who will never cease to amaze us. (Did you see his scene with Stephen Forrest? I mean - seriously!!) This time he chose to work with Jecht Parker for his next scene and I couldn't be any happier about it. Kennedy has expressed his interest in ethnic men many times so working with Jecht was a sure thing. Kennedy didn't waste any time getting to know Jecht - he had alredy seen his solo scene and he couldn't wait to get all over the stud. Jecht was a little shy at first but once his dick hit Kennedy's deep throat - he was home. The chemistry and sexual tention between these two was so hot! Every move that Kennedy made pretty much said "Take me, I'm yours". He was so eager to lick every part of Jecht's body and the excitement in Kennedy's hole was building up. Finally, the two of them couldn't wait any longer and Jecht took Kennedy's hole and made it his own. If you're a fan of the more sensual type of sex, then this one is right up your alley. Prepare to be blown away because this scene is nothing but passion and chemistry oozing out during every second of it!

Scene 4: Mason Star & Pierre Fitch

Man, does my boy Pierre know how to fuck or what!! He's a living proof that it's always the nice ones you should be careful with. He has this baby-face and innocent personality which made Mason feel welcomed on set but once Pierre's cock found it's way into Mason's hole there was absolutely no mercy. Pierre drilled deep and hard into Mason's butthole like a gold-digger in a mine! And boy, did he get rewarded for it in the end!! Mason was sperming around uncontrollably while Pierre was still going at it full speed. Now that's how the pros do it!

Scene 5: Stephen & Phenix

Stephen Forest is one of our new models we'd met at one of our parties at Splash Bar here in NYC. He had a great vibe about him and I loved his look-- awesome tattoos, a big dick and a great body. That night I could tell Stephen really had the hots for Phenix Saint. Stephen was flirting HARD with him, and at one point he finally got the balls (and I'm sure the liquor helped) to finally say to Phenix, "I think you're so hot, I wanna fuck you so bad". Now, you can imagine how often guys hit on Phenix, and I've seen him turn countless guys down. I thought that's what was going to happen this time too, but instead Phenix turned to Stephen, put his hands on Stephen's shoulders, and said, "The only way I'll fuck you is on camera." Wanna know what Stephen said? Well, watch the movie!

Scene 6: Seth Knight Solo

This is the scene that will have all tops drooling and all bottoms jealous. Seth Knight's ability to take a huge cock up his hole and push it all the way in - DEEP - even when it hurts, is absolutely amazing. It's what every top wants from his bottom and what every bottom wants to be able to do for his top. And our little resident power bottom boy is here to show all of us how it's done. Seth shows his hole no mercy while stuffing himself full of dildos because he knows that his hungry hole won't have it any other way. Even when you think that the whole thing is in there - there's always another inch to push in and go even deeper into Seth's insatiable hole. When it comes to taking it - Seth Knight is the ultimate pro. Watch him fuck himself into oblivion with his two big dildos and shoot a big creamy load on the mirror! And then finally, it was Justin's turn to get fucked. The look on his face when Max first started nailing him from behind was priceless. Justin was totally loving every second of it, all the way up to the final climax where the guys both shot huge loads on his torso. Justin's the type of uninhibited guy whose sexuality is always blossoming on screen, and this time Max really gave him a run for his money!

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