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Blonds Do It Best

Price: $39.99
Studio: CockyBoys

CockyBoys Presents Blonds Do It Best

Bombshell Max Carter leads a cast of some of the hottest, most beautiful blond boys from the CockyBoys stable in this DVD. From the introduction of platinum haired Alex Killborn, the epic pounding of Jett Black By superstar Gabriel Clark to the intense fucking of Max Carter and Max Ryder. This Volume contains it all, one things for sure blonds really do have more fun!

CAST LIST: Frankie V, Raphael Marino, Alex Killborn, Jack Rayder, Max Carter, Levi Karter, Jett Black, Gabriel Clark, Max Ryder, Max Carter, Jaxon Radoc, Gabriel Clark, Troy The Lifeguard

RUN TIME: 2 Hours and 49 Minutes

Scene 1: Frankie V Fucks Raphael Marino

Meet our newest CockyBoy, Raphael Marino. Raphael's got a lean, muscular body, and a mop of wavy dark hair that perfectly accentuates his jaw line. Though he doesn't have any tattoos, Raphael's got a tongue piercing and this wicked cock piercing (a double prince Albert) that goes right through the head! We had to hook him up with one of our most alternative dudes at CockyBoys, Frankie V., and sure enough, they instantly clicked. Although Frankie is pretty sexually versatile, he was eager to do a scene where he's just the top so breaking in Raphael was the perfect opportunity! Frankie loved making out with Raphael, almost as much as he enjoyed sucking his cock and playing with that piercing. Finally, the guys fucked in several different positions. Raphael turned out to be extremely vocal, especially when he climaxed!

Scene 2: Introducing Alex Killborn With Jack Rayder

Once Alex and Jack got warmed up, the nerves vanished as the chemistry began to brew. Starting with some sensual kissing and dick rubbing, they moved to sucking each other off. Jack couldn't get enough of Alex's eyes, and makes him to look up at him while sucking his cock. Alex couldn't resist Jack's ass, so he fingers and eats Jack's perfect hole until Jack is ready to take his rock hard dick. They fuck each other hard in as many positions as they can think of, the whole time unable to take their eyes off of one another, talking about how good it feels. Even though it's his first scene, Alex has no problem telling Jack how he likes it. And Jack, with his excitement in breaking in a new model, enjoys showing Alex the ropes and welcomes him into the Cockyboys fold like a champ!

Scene 3: #NoWords: Max Carter & Levi Karter

Max and Levi are both the shy type at first! They both can say so much with just a look. These two need no words to communicate. It was only seconds after they had walked into the room that they were already all over each other, making out and undressing. After a hot, steamy, soapy bath they both relax before the inevitable. Once Levi's cock got hard, all bets were off! Max sucks Levi in front of the window for anyone to watch which really turns Levi on-- always the exibitionist. Then Levi returns the favor but it's obvious that neither one of them could wait any longer. Somebody had to get fucked! In their case - both of them. Max has never fucked anyone this hard and Levi's load is massive - one of his best. This scene speaks for itself. #NoWords!

Scene 4: Gabriel Clark Pounds Jett Black

Gabriel was so eager to pound Jett that he jumped right into conversation, asking him about gentle fucking versus fast fucking, eating cum, and getting tied up! As a relative newcomer, Jett was shy and a little nervous, but that only made Gabriel more blunt with his pursuits. "I'll be nice just enough to gain your trust," he said, "then when you take your guard down, I'll be really hard on you!" We can safely say that Gabriel always keeps his promises, because Jett really got the hardest pounding of his life! And these guys didn't even have the comfort of a bed. Gabriel fucked Jett on two different chairs, standing up, and sprawled out on a chest in front of the fireplace. This scene is one to remember for sure not just for Gabriel and Jett, but for us too!

Scene 5: Max Ryder and Max Carter Flip-Fuck

Some guys have chemistry because they are polar opposites, but others just work because they're the same. And that's the case with Max Ryder and Max Carter -- even their names are the same! With blond hair, blue eyes, equal height, and equal builds, Max and Max could be twins. So when they met, they instantly clicked together and the small talk was unnecessary. They cut right to the chase with a whole lot of kissing, sucking each other off, and then flip-fucking. Both sexually versatile, Max and Max enjoyed playing their roles equally. And just when you think one is the more dominant of the two, they'll switch it up and work off each other's abilities. Because of this dynamic, this scene also marks Max Carter's first time being a top at CockyBoys. It was exciting to watch this transformation, and it was hot to see him in a new role. He's already proven he can be a good bottom, but it took another Max to make him a top!

Scene 6: Gabriel Clark Fucks Jaxon Radoc

Gabriel's known for being a brutal top, and while Jaxon considers himself versatile, he couldn't help but gravitate toward the bottom the more he talked with Gabriel. Jaxon said he had planned to make the chemistry much more sensual than aggressive, but Gabriel was quick to cut him off. "We'll start sensual, but..." Gabriel definitely kept his word! The guys shared some intimate kissing, blowing, and rimming, but once Gabriel told Jaxon to sit on his cock, all rules were thrown out the window. After getting plowed in every way that's possible on a couch, Jaxon finally blew his load all over his own chest while Gabriel blew an even bigger load a short while later. Though Jaxon may not have been expecting it, I think it's safe to say he got "Clark'd!"

Scene 7: Troy, The Horny Lifeguard

Troy is your typical red-blooded guy's guy, but with the face of the prom king you never fucked in high school. And he's so direct when he talks, it'll send a shiver down your spine. "My name's Troy, 23 years old, from upstate New York," he said upfront. "And I've got a rock hard boner right here." With an attitude like his, Troy can basically take his pick when it comes to guys. He was 21 and working as a lifeguard when he had his first sexual experience with a guy. He knew the guy wanted him, so it was only a matter of time before he caved and let the guy suck him off in the shower and then fucked the guy in the locker room. Troy definitely likes to take control, so clingy guys are kind of a turn-off for him. But when the need to fuck takes hold, no guy is off limits to him. His big blue eyes, cut body, and oversized cock would be hard to resist for any guy out there... it took him both his hands and a Fleshjack to properly jerk off.

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