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10 Feet Of Meat

Price: $39.99 $5.00
Studio: CockyBoys

Cocky Boys Presents 10 Feet Of Meat


There’s nothing like a big-dicked stud! Everyone loves a guy with a huge dick that knows exactly how to use it. When he’s pounding away at a tight willing hole, there’s nothing else on his mind but getting every inch of that giant cock in a tight crevice. In this movie, I’ve put together some of the biggest cocks around for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy! 
Scene 1: Gabriel Clark Fucks Kennedy Carter 
Mr. Cum Freak (a.k.a. Gabriel Clark) is at it again, this time with no other than CockyBoys favorite Kennedy Carter. These two are way too adorable not to be in a scene together, so of course it was only a matter of time before we made it happen. I think they both knew it was “cumming.” By now, everybody—including Kennedy— knows that you can't be a true CockyBoy unless you've had Gabriel's cock in you. And Gabriel knew that Kennedy would jump at the chance to have it happen. When we put the two of them in a room, the chemistry sparks flew like it was the Fourth of July. Kennedy was begging with both of his holes to be Gabriel's next little cum piglet. The two started making plans about how Gabriel would cum on his ass and then lick it up and feed it to him, and let me tell you, Gabriel is a man of his word! When it came down to that very special moment, when ounces of cum fired out of his cock and covered Kennedy's freshly-plowed pink hole, it was like a trigger had gone off in Gabriel's mind! He turned into a cum-crazed freak and felt the need to suck it all up, grunting like a grizzly bear that had just found its first meal after a long hibernation! I looked to the camera guy—neither of us were sure if we should keep filming or run for our lives (or cum, in this case). Lucky for you, we kept filming. 
Scene 2: Mason Toy Solo 
Looks like Mason Star is on his way to becoming the next addition to Cockyboy's Hall of Fame. That boy has no shame and he just wants to do it all. Or take it all (up his ass). Depends on how you look at it. Masonline, I mean bottomline (the two words can be used interchangeably in this case), is - if there's a dildo anywhere around your house chances are it will end up inside Mason's hole. Regardless of the size. And that comes as no surprise - one look at this stud is enough for anyone to know that he indeed likes to train every muscle in his body. Hard. This also includes a deep internal massage of his prostate which inevitably leads to Mason's shooting a gallon of his protein juice onto his abs. You know what they say - fitness is a lifestyle and looks like Mason is definitely living the high life here on! 
Scene 3: Mason Star & Spencer Fox Flip-fuck! 
Mason and Spencer decided to crash over at my place after a wild Saturday night party and I knew something was going to happen in the morning when they woke up. So I called Kevin Crows over and told him to get the new camera and go film those two horny fucks going at it. And sure enough, they didn't disappoint. Both Mason and Spencer have gigantic cocks and they loved shoved them up each other's holes like virgins that have just discovered the pleasures of anal sex. The result? Mason practically got showered with cum. Soooo hot!! 
Scene 4: Max's Revenge on Tommy's Ass!
Not very long ago, a naive yet eager Max Ryder lost his porn virginity when he bottomed for our very own Tommy Defendi. Since that first fuck, the two stars have remained pals as their careers have taken off in different directions. However, we thought it was time for a little reunion to see how much has REALLY changed between the two. So we sent them off to a remote cabin in the forest to let them have at it, and man, were we surprised with how much our little Max has changed! To prove his newfound status, Max first took on Tommy in a rousing slingshot competition using homemade materials... but by the end of the afternoon, he was slinging much more than just stones in Tommy's direction. Before your very eyes, watch Max finally get the revenge on Tommy he had been waiting for, all the way from the porch to the pool to the lawn. They just grow up so fast, don't they?! 
Scene 5: Spencer Fox Jerks Off 
Cockyboys is proud to present the newest addition to the sexiest, cockiest, and horniest boys to have ever walked on this Earth - Spencer Fox. Spencer joined our stable of studs a few weeks ago and is already running around wild and free causing trouble and raising hell - like a true cockyboy should be doing! One thing you'll notice about this boy, besides the stunningly handsome looks, is that he is not shy about showing it all off to his fans - in fact, it turns him on even more. He just couldn't wait to get on the couch and spread open his hole for the whole wide world to take a look. Proud little fuck, that's for sure! Just how we like 'em! It's not like you expected anything else, did you?

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