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Bromance (Movie Download)

Bromance (Movie Download)

Price: $34.95 $12.99
Studio: CockyBoys
Quantity 1 (this product is downloadable)

Cocky Boys presents Bromance (Movie Download)

It's all about Big Bro, Lil Bromance! It's hot seeing a hunky dude commanding a sweet young guy. That possession, the feeling of intimacy, and the want, it's all here. There is nothing like a BROMANCE between best buds... Featuring Tony Capucci, Tommy Defendi, Jimmy Clay, Phenix Saint, Jake Bass, Mason Star, and Stephen Forest.

Jimmy Clay Rides 4-Wheelers and Tony Capucci
Gentlemen, Cockyboys is proud to present the scene that is going to win the Award for Best Cumshot of the Year. This may not come as a surprise to most of you who are already familiar with Jimmy's unbelievable cum-shooting skills but I do have to warn you - this is like nothing you've ever seen before. One time I asked Jimmy to fill me in on his secret and he said it's all in the water - drinking a gallon of water before his scene makes him shoot like a volcano. Well, naiive me of course drank two gallons of water the next day but my load was still nothing compared to what I've seen cum out of Jimmy's dick (still quite impressive though, if I may say so myself!). So I thought about it and I figured - it's always when Jimmy has a big hard cock up his ass that he shoots his heart out. I decided to do some tests. I wanted to somehow get him to ride Tony's cock all day just to see if the longer stimulation would produce a bigger load but I knew that would have been a bit too much to ask for. Instead, I decided to put something big, strong, and very fast between his legs and let him ride it for as long as he wants. As soon as that 4-wheeler started buzzing between his legs I could see the smile on his face and the massive boner in his pants. I knew I was on to something! When they got back home, I told Tony that I wanted him to fuck Jimmy upside down so that he would end up shooting in his own mouth. And when the moment finally came, so did Jimmy! He was eager to taste his own cum so he kept his mouth open. The load filled up his mouth full and then covered his whole face. He was practically drowning in his own cum. With every thrust, Tony kept going in deeper and deeper and more cum kept sperming out of Jimmy's cock until he was completely soaked. And that was just one of the loads! You have to watch and see what happens with Tony's load - I'll tell you that much - of course it ended up in Jimmy's mouth but Tony was nowhere near him...

Mason Star and Tommy Defendi Flip Fuck
Tommy Defendi and Mason Star are back for their continued Bromance! This time, I flew them to New York for some site-seeing and CockyBoys parties. They spend pretty much all their time together, and it's no wonder everyone thinks they're dating. Whatever it is, they definitely have some kind of romantic fling going. They were hanging out on my couch one day after a night of heavy club promotions, just chillin' naked while cruising for some local dudes in the area. Apparently all the cruising got Mason hot and bothered, so they decided to fuck each other right then and there! After brutally pounding Mason's ass on the couch, Tommy decided he wanted some of Mason's giant cock in his hole. So he sat on that Mason's dick and rode it like a pro till he came all over Mason's chest! This is a flip-fuck that'll go down in history!

Jake Bass and Tommy Defendi Fuck
By now, everyone knows that here at Cockyboys we like to push the boundaries and try new stuff. We're quite the innovators in fact. But being an innovator comes with its own responsibilities. You got to be able to not only talk the talk but also walk the walk. So we decided to put our models to the test and do something fun. We already knew that both Tommy and Jake know how to fuck hard and balls deep. But can they do it while filming the whole action all by themselves? Fuck yeah, they can! Actually, that was the easy part. The problem with a situation like this, however, where you have two tops is to figure out who's fucking and who's getting fucked. Both of them wanted to be on top so they decided to flip a coin for it. And it was Jake's lucky day. The lil fucker dodged a serious bullet or in this case -- a monster cock up his sweet little ass. And it turns out, Tommy is quite the multi-tasker actually. He managed to shoot his load with his right hand, while getting plowed by Jake, and film his own cumshot with his left hand- all at the same time!! And you thought you had seen it all already, didn't ya?

Phenix Saint Fucks Stephen Forest
Stephen Forest is one of our new models we'd met at one of our parties at Splash Bar here in NYC. He had a great vibe about him and I loved his look-- awesome tattoos, a big dick and a great body. That night I could tell Stephen really had the hots for Phenix Saint. Stephen was flirting HARD with him, and at one point he finally got the balls (and I'm sure the liquor helped) to finally say to Phenix, "I think you're so hot, I wanna fuck you so bad". Now, you can imagine how often guys hit on Phenix, and I've seen him turn countless guys down. I thought that's what was going to happen this time too, but instead Phenix turned to Stephen, put his hands on Stephen's shoulders, and said, "The only way I'll fuck you is on camera." Wanna know what Stephen said? Well, watch the movie!

Marcos and Tory
Marcos and Tory wake up one morning in the same bed. Do you know what happens when you wake up in the morning next to hungry Tory Mason? No. It can't be described. You just have to see it to believe it. It's like you just woke up but you're still in a dream. That cock sucking machine hops on top of you and starts sucking until you just can't help it but fuck it in all kinds of different positions and then feed him your morning protein shake. And that's exactly what Marcos does using his HUGE mandick to split Tory's smooth hungry white bubble butthole. Mmmmm. Enjoy!

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