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Break Him In (Movie Download)

Break Him In (Movie Download)

Price: $34.95 $12.99
Studio: CockyBoys
Quantity 1 (this product is downloadable)

Cocky Boys presents Break Him In (Movie Download)

Gabriel Clark Destroys Seth Knights Hole!
Have you ever heard the saying that the way to a man's heart goes through his stomach? Cook him a nice meal and he'll make love to you all night long. Hungry bottom boys have a similar saying- "Fuck their brains out and they'll love you to death!" This is how Seth Knight fell in love with Gabriel Clark on the set of this scene. It was love at first thrust. I don't think either one of them knew what they were feeling at first but as soon as Gabriel's hard fucking cock started pounding into Seth Knight's hungry boyhole - they knew this was the real thing. Gabriel was fucking the little twink so hard that I just stood there and gazed with amazement. If it wasn't for Seth's rock hard dick that was screaming "I'm Lovin' it!!!" I would have considered dialing 911. The harder Gabriel was fucking the more Seth was begging to be fucked harder. At one point, I was pretty sure one of them was about to pass out. They were fucking as if it was the last time they'll ever have sex again. You can't fake this stuff. In the end, after Gabriel had covered the whole place with his cum (and drowned Seth in it too), they were both anxious to go at it again. In fact, I'm pretty sure that if Gabriel and Seth lived in the same city, they would be fucking right now as you're reading this... while watching this scene... which is what everybody should do right now! Get it!

Gabriel Clark Dominates Bobby Long
"You know what we do here at Cockyboys when we get a smaller guy with a bigger guy like me?" asked Gabriel Clark as he looked at his next victim- Bobby Long. "TOTAL DOMINATION!". Bobby's little heart curled up inside him as his hole kept getting violated with no mercy. Minutes later, Bobby is flying across the room, thrown by Gabriel like he's a nothing, landing on the bed - face down, ass up. This is the ultimate domination scene and Gabriel is at his worst behavior! If you're a fan of Gabriel's (which is basically all of you), then this one is NOT to be missed!

Seth Knight and The Dildos
This is the scene that will have all tops drooling and all bottoms jealous. Seth Knight's ability to take a huge cock up his hole and push it all the way in - DEEP - even when it hurts, is absolutely amazing. It's what every top wants from his bottom and what every bottom wants to be able to do for his top. And our little resident power bottom boy is here to show all of us how it's done. Seth shows his hole no mercy while stuffing himself full of dildos because he knows that his hungry hole won't have it any other way. Even when you think that the whole thing is in there - there's always another inch to push in and go even deeper into Seth's insatiable hole. When it comes to taking it - Seth Knight is the ultimate pro. Watch him fuck himself into oblivion with his two big dildos and shoot a big creamy load on the mirror!

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