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Crazy For Cock (Movie Download)

Crazy For Cock (Movie Download)

Price: $34.95 $12.99
Studio: CockyBoys
Quantity 1 (this product is downloadable)

Cocky Boys presents Crazy For Cock (Movie Download)

Whether it's in their mouths or up their asses, every Cocky Boy is Crazy For Cock. There's nothing like a nice big piece of man meat being thrust into every hole possible.

Adrian, Gabriel and Mason 3-Way
WOW. There is really no easy way to describe this scene. I knew that when I put these three in one room there would be chemistry and fireworks but this was like 4th of July all over again!! I mean, a quarter of this scene is just cumshots! These guys just kept spurting out gallons of cum as if they had it in excess. So basically, Gabriel and Mason both got fucked, fingered, licked, and sucked and Adrian was probing them with his big giant Canadian sausage like he was at the meat market shopping for the best meat in town. Mason, living up to the expectation of being a power bottom, was taking on anything that was shoved up his hole. And Gabriel, following Mason's example, somehow ended up taking not only Adrian's dick but Mason's too. It was almost like a TV game - never knowing what was gonna happen next and who's gonna get fucked by whom. At one point I honestly thought that they were never going to stop. Finally, when the big moment came... oh boy! I'll let you just watch this because you'll never believe me even if I told you!

Tommy Defendi Plows Jimmy Clay
Finally, I think I found a match for Jimmy's hungry hole. Gentlemen, I present to you Tommy Defendi. Tommy is everything you would expect from a cockyboy plus so much more. He has a bit of an edge to him and is not afraid to let his inner pig come out and play. Not only is he ridiculously hot, but he's also got the personality and skills to go with his looks. He's certainly the total package. Picture that with our certified mega-pig-power-bottom Jimmy Clay and you've got the scene of the century! The chemisty between these two was so good that it's no surprise both of them shot their loads over Jimmy's head. It looked like it was raining cum. This scene will definitely go down in the history of gay porn as one of Cockyboys' best scenes ever.

Dante Escobar Strokes His Meat
Dante! Go ahead, say it out loud and tell me it doesn't make you wanna have sex. Dante is the epitome of a bad boy. The mohawk, the tattoos, the piercings, the muscular body, the big dick... do I need to keep going?? Point is, Dante is fucking hot and I know y'all can't want to see him do his thing so I'll just shut the fuck up and let you enjoy this one. Cuz that's how we roll, baby. Hit it!

Brothers Double Fuck
Let me be honest with you - I don't know much about those boys and I didn't film this scene (my buddy from Argentina did) but when I saw this I thought it was the hottest scene ever and I just had to share it with you guys. It's about those two horny brothers with big dicks who tag team this cute power bottom and then double-fuck him into oblivion like there's no tomorrow. I'm telling you - this is a must see. It's very rare to see good stuff like this. It's the kind of scene that wet dreams are made of and you're about to witness every minute of it. Only on Cockyboys! Lucky us. Enjoy it!

Jimmy Clay and Zack
It's a tough economy. Everybody's looking for a job. Zac came into the office the other day hoping he could get hired and as soon as Jimmy Clay saw him he knew he had to have a taste of his ass. Judging by the look on Zac's face - he was willing to do anything for that position. At first things between the two of them were slow and I thought - two straight boys would never know how to fuck. Oh boy, was I wrong! Once Jimmy shoved his dick in Zac's hungry manhole, he was home. He started drilling the boy's ass like there was no tomorrow. He kept going fast and slow, fast and slow, fast, then faster... until they were both covered in cum and sweat. I'm pretty sure Zac got the job.

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