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Fuck Yeah Levi Karter

Price: $34.95 $29.99
Studio: CockyBoys

CockyBoys Presents Fuck Yeah Levi Karter

A Note from Jake Jaxson:

I first met Levi via Skype-- Dewayne in SD put him on my radar saying Levi was looking for a studio. What struck me most about Levi was that he knew exactly what he wanted and clearly laid out his goals and ambition. I was in love! I have a soft spot for boys who "have a plan"! Since then we have become close friends-- I'm even his pup Bella's god father. We have worked on many projects together but none like this film.

During our first shoot together I noticed that Levi was always walking around with is laptop with the screen open-- it was always with him. And when he was not with me or the other models, he was outside or in his room-- with his computer. I soon discovered why: he was recording his everyday goings-on, or making little video clips of his dance moves and cheer routines (we was a college cheerleader before an injury sidelined him). Some of the first clips he showed me were of him playing with my dogs Jackson and Bailey! Over time he showed me more and more-- him hanging out with friends, his new puppy, being with his BF, trying out his new hooks, the cinnamon challenge, sleeping, jacking-off, and even making breakfast... Naked! Most of it just the stuff we all do everyday. And while watching I was mezmorized by the perfect realness of it all. Let's face it, the the word "reality" has no meaning anymore, but what I was watching WAS REAL! And as I watched hours and hours of Levi's life-- his everyday, his most private, his moods, his happiness and sadness... His let-downs and victories... I could not help but to think about my life: where I came from, where I am now, and the hope and possibility of my life to come.

From the hundreds of hours of his footage, Levi and I created FUCK YEAH LEVI KARTER. This film is just one small slice of what I call "a life worth living!" Taken from a moment in time.

Levi never intended his video diaries to become a film, and was surprised I even suggested it. For that, I thank him for allowing me the honor of creating and collaborating with him to chronicle what I believe to be glimpse into a real reality. When I asked him why he wants to record everything, he said with out hesitation, "I like to go back and watch the good parts of my life. It makes me happy."

Love Always & Be Nice,

Jake Jaxson

Once you get sucked in to "Fuck Yeah Levi Karter," it will be difficult to take your eyes away. Featuring behind-the-scenes sex sequences with Hayden Lourd and Ricky Roman and co-directed by Levi himself, this film artfully uncovers universal truths experienced not just in the porn world, but also in our everyday lives.

Video also features

David Corey & Jaxon Radoc:

Jaxon and David are just way too adorable as they both geek out on each others' accents and smoking hot lean ripped bodies. The chemistry between these two was growing by the second and once they found themselves in the same bed Jaxon's hands were immediately all over David's body. As they start to play around and explore their bodies David's mouth inevitably ends up on Jaxon's dick. Soon after Jaxon returns the favor before laying down on his stomach to take that big wet dick all the way up his bubble butt. After David pounds Jaxon for a while in different positions it's now Jaxon's turn to fuck. David hops right on top of him and rides him hard! Finally, David bends over to let Jaxon hit it from behind and apparently he really does hit David's spot because he starts shooting cum all over the place.

Enjoy! - Jake Jaxson

Connor Maguire & Levi Karter:

It was a beautiful summer day here in New York where Conner and Levi were anxious to meet each other and make a few memories. Connor is the type of guy that usually goes for smaller guys so Levi was just perfect for him.

The sun was shining bright on these two as they went canoeing and romancing by the lake. It was only natural that at one point Connor's skimpy shorts came off and Levi embarked upon a journey that would once again re-affirm his status as a power bottom. Connor is gentle at first and makes sure Levi can take it by first eating his ass like it was made out of cotton candy and then slowly warming him up to what was about to happen. Next thing I know, Levi is up in the air, bouncing up and down Connor's massive cock like his life depends on it. Unable to hold it any longer, Levi shoots his load all over his chest which gets Connor even more excited so he starts drilling Levi even harder than before until he shoots his load all over Levi.

It was indeed a beautiful summer day in New York. Enjoy!

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