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King of Hearts

Price: $39.99
Studio: Jake Jaxson Presents

Jake Jaxson presents King of Hearts

Like any good Lothario, Jake Bass is an endearingly sexy guy that takes no prisoners when it comes to sex, love and adventure. All the boys in this DVD are Kings of Hearts: they will make you fall in love with them, fulfill you fantasies and leave you wanting more. Including Asher Hawke, Max Carter, Rick Roman and Bravo Delta, this volume will take your breath away.

Scene 1: Jake Bass Nails Asher Hawk


Asher Hawk has been making the rounds at CockyBoys lately, and Jake Bass was definitely one guy we wanted Asher to meet from the get go. They're both about the same age, they've got some very interesting tattoos, and they're both extremely confident. With their tan skin, dark hair, and cut muscles, these two might as well be brothers...


So they really had a great dynamic with each other, and Asher had no problem letting Jake take the reigns and fucking his brains out. Few words were exchanged between the two, but there was a moment when Jake told Asher to say his name as he fucked him. It was pretty clear Asher enjoyed getting plowed as much as Jake enjoyed plowing him!


Scene 2: Ricky Roman Fucks Ben Rose


Ricky Roman and Ben Rose make the perfect pairing -- they're both dark, muscular, and have about the same amount of tattoos. Their chemistry was undeniable when they first met and Ben loved to suck Ricky's giant cock. In turn, Ricky loved rimming Ben's ass before fucking him. We can't really tell which of these two is more cocky... if one thing's for sure, they both had big smiles on their faces after they were through with each other.


Scene 3: Jake Films Himself Drilling Joey LaFontaine


Jake Bass is a really sneaky, creative guy, so it should come as no surprise that he loves filming his sexual escapades as much as he loves participating in them. Joey LaFontaine is one of Jake's good friends from Montreal and is always up for his adventures, so Jake decided to ask him over to his hotel room for a romp with the cameras rolling. 


The event was quick, spontaneous, and full of passion, and that's just how Jake likes to live his life. It's difficult to keep up with the amount of energy Jake has, but Joey's smile and smooth talking balanced out the mood in the room perfectly. 


And Jake got it all on camera -- from their first interaction to their kissing to their fucking, there was no angle left unseen. This was a true example of voyeurism flipped on its head and turned into exhibitionism. 


Scene 4: Sunday Dream: Bravo Delta & Max Carter


Everyone's had a fantasy about a porn star. When you watch two hot guys fucking, it's impossible not to close your eyes and imagine what it would be like to be inside the head of one of them. But sometimes even porn stars have fantasies about other porn stars, and that was the case with Bravo Delta. 


Bravo's the quiet type, your everyday kind of guy who's unaware of how charming and attractive he really is. But when you get him alone in a room and he starts taking off his clothes, you'd never expect him to be wearing a thin, sporty thong holding his big dick and butt in place. Even more interesting is when he starts jerking off to his favorite Max Carter scenes on CockyBoys, fantasizing about how he'd fuck the blond cutie. 


He first dreamt that Max was sucking him off using those perfectly soft lips only to reciprocate the action moments later. Then Max was riding Bravo's cock in front of the hotel suite's gigantic window with the entire city behind them. Bravo finally finished nailing Max after he had him on his back, and just after they kissed one last time, Bravo's eyes opened. Was it really all a dream? 


Scene 5: Jake Bass Fucks Tony Milan


Jake Bass and Tony Milan come from completely different places and speak different languages, so they had a lot to talk about when they first met in Montreal. Brazilian-born Tony had never been to Canada, so Jake had a good time explaining the facts and the myths about his culture. Likewise, Jake had never been to Brazil so he asked Tony to teach him some Portuguese. 


The first thing he asked to learn? "I do porn." 


The language lessons were a good segue into the real reason they were there. Tony was eager to put that amazing ass of his to use on Jake's cock, and Jake was ready to give it to him. Two very different guys, but both extremely hot in their own unique way! 


Scene 6: Colby London Solo


Meet Colby London, the type of guy who really lives in the "here and now." He takes good care of himself, eats healthy, and has a great body to show for it. He's also very athletic and loves playing baseball -- we can only imagine how hot his ass looks in a tight-fitting uniform! 


Sexually, Colby is bisexual. He's not too experienced with guys, but he's getting there. And while he's never been the bottom for a guy before, he loves to suck and get sucked, rim and get rimmed, and he loves to be the top. He has no problem hooking up with random guys from the Internet, and loves to do it in public. 

He loved jerking off with the Fleshjack we gave him, and it was pretty hot imagining him doing the same thing to another guy's tight ass. He ended up shooting a big load on his abs -- and if that doesn't leave you begging for more from Colby, nothing will! 

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