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Price: $34.95 $29.99
Studio: Jake Jaxson Presents

Jake Jaxson Presents Rise


Often said to have one of the BEST asses in the gay adult industry, J.D. Phoenix has quickly risen above others as a powerful, stellar performer. In this DVD, J.D. joins other hot beautiful guys like Arnaud Chagall, Tommy Defendi & Dale Cooper in trying to accomplish one goal: getting you hard and getting you off.


-- Jake Jaxson.


Scene 1: JD Phoenix Fucks Jett Black


JD Phoenix and Jett Black are two of our newest CockyBoys, so you know they've got a lot of sexual energy pent up inside them. So far, we've seen Jett get fucked by established studs Arnaud Chagall and Gabriel Clark, but now he gets to be pounded by JD... a guy who has only released one hot public jerk-off scene with us and nothing else.


Jett's the type of guy who is so fearless and outgoing with his sexuality that it tends to throw you off balance. And even though JD's new, he too could not withstand the indescribable allure of Jett's charm. He was already jerking off on the bed as he waited for Jett to get out of the shower, and once the two were together, their lips were immediately locked.


Few words were spoken as the chemistry took over and they sucked each other off. JD has a huge, thick cock and Jett's tight hole could just barely take the whole thing. But once they got going, it was a hazy and sexually-charged blur that left the two drenched in cum by the end.


Scene 2: Gabriel Clark Fucks the Cum Out of Leo


Summer is finally here! And what that means for our horny cockyboys is SEX! 24/7 breath-taking, bed-breaking, mouth-watering SEX. The summer wave hit Gabriel hard and lucky for him Leo was around to take care of those cravings. The two started out in the shower and quickly moved to the sofa where history was about to be made. As they were fucking, out of nowhere, cum started to shoot out of Leo's cock uncontrollably which of course didn't make Gabriel stop pounding that hole. A few minutes later, ANOTHER load shot out of Leo's cock! I guess Gabriel's hard-throbbing cock was really hitting that G-spot. And then Gabriel... Oh my God, Gabriel had me screaming in the back of my mind "Oh, NO! YOU DIDN'T YOU, NASTY FUCK!!" But he did. Oh yes he did! Check it out for yourself!


Scene 3: Bravo Delta Hammers Arnaud Chagall!


Not too long ago, big-dicked muscle hunk Bravo Delta spent his time uploading solo jerk-off videos to Xtube when his view counts suddenly skyrocketed! He became an overnight sensation with tons of fans anxiously waiting for his next mouth-watering upload. We just had to meet this natural-born porn star in person to see if he was interested in becoming a CockyBoy, and just a few short weeks later, we present to you his very FIRST professional hardcore fucking scene!


We paired Bravo with the muscular, baby-faced Arnaud Chagall to see what his dick could do outside of his own hands and inside another's mouth and asshole. Judging from the smile on his face, Arnaud was more than up for the challenge of working that cock like one of Bravo's eager fans. The two warmed up with some running and stretching exercises at first to prepare, and then before long, their lips were locked, their cocks were lubed, and they quickly passed the point of no return!


Bravo is a superstar through-and-through. We are very excited to escalate his career to the next level and are happy to up the ante for his fans across the world!


Scene 4: Tommy Defendi & Dale Cooper Flip-Fuck!


What could possibly be hotter than watching two masculine studs flip-fuck?  We knew that Tommy Defendi and Dale Cooper were our two most sexually diverse models at CockyBoys, but when we put them together, it was possibly the most unpredictable scene we've ever shot! There's literally nothing these guys won't try at least once!


Everything they did to each other was so hot that when they moved on to something else, I found myself thinking "You mean, there's more? They're going to do that now?!" But it was true! Somehow throughout the length of this video, both Tommy and Dale kiss, rim, suck and get sucked, fuck and get fucked, shoot big loads, and by the end of it, Dale was actually panting like a tired little puppy!


No matter what turns you on about this scene (guaranteed to be at least something), I think we can all agree that sex with one of these guys will always be a surprise!


Scene 5: Between a Rock and a Hard Place


Meeting JD Phoenix for the first time was like a breath of fresh air. He's so comfortable in his own skin and so open with his sexuality that it has this soothing effect on you. Hearing him talk about how much he loves public nudity and public fucking just makes you want to strip off your clothes right there with him and get down to business behind a bush.


It should go without saying that JD is a very active guy.  He loves going for runs outside -- and not just because it's given him a smooth six pack and pecs of steel.  He also loves wearing those tight jogging shorts because they show off his huge cock and big butt.  And being in the wilderness with strangers wandering around every so often is quite erotic for him! More than anything, JD loves public sex and the adrenaline rush he feels knowing he could get caught at any second.


When he finally has a guy in his clutches, JD loves to top more than anything.  But he admits his ass is "doable," proving this point by peeling down his skin-tight shorts and letting both his round butt cheeks pop out.  After he almost got caught jerking his dick behind a rock, JD retreated back to the car to finally release his load.  With all the sexy hijinks he got himself into that day, it didn't take him very long to get off at all...

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