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Mixtape Vol. 3

Price: $54.95 $34.95
Studio: CockyBoys

Boomboxxx Presents Mixtape Vol. 3

Scene 1 - Boomer Banks & Devin Franco Raw!
A last, a match-up you knew HAD to happen: Boomer Banks & Devin Franco in a condomless CBFO scene! Boomer & Devin have wanted to do this since they first met and are excited just sitting next to each other. As Boomer says, "Honestly, his smile gives me a boner!" Actually they both have throbbing boners as they make out and Devin eagerly gets his mouth and throat on Boomer's ginormous uncut sausage. In return Boomer spreads Devin's big bubble butt cheeks apart and devours his smooth pink hole. 
Boomer soon gives Devin every inch, expanding his hole, thrusting in deep from behind and impaling him on the sofa. Wrapping himself around Devin and playing with his nipples and gripping his throat, Boomer puts him in the throes of eye-rolling ecstasy. Eventually Devin sits on Boomer's throbber and riding it deep and hard, his own hard cock flopping around while Boomer elevates Devin's pleasure again by working his nipples. They make out again and Boomer lifts Devin up, places him on his back and resumes deep thrusting into him.
Boomer flips the nimble Devin backwards and plunges into his gaping hole. He takes a tiny break to stroke their cocks together and he keeps stroking Devin as he resumes fucking him upside down. And as Devin plays with his own nipples Boomer pumps a load out of Devin's cock, glazing his torso and face. A still hungry Devin sucks him but Boomer wants to fuck. He works his cock every which way, but ends up pounding him on his stomach, harder and faster still he explodes inside him. In the dreamy afterglow Boomer's load oozes out of Devin who basks in joy, thankful he's had so much fun.
Scene 2 - Boomer Banks & Jason RAW!
Scene 3 - Boomer Banks & Cory Koons RAW!
Boomer Banks finally gets it on with longtime friend Cory Koons for a new, condom-free, mostly POV CBFO / BOOMBOXXX video! Cory is ready to go from the start, slipping out of his clothes, helping Boomer out of his, and showing off his ass. Boomer does a deep-dive rimming and finger-probing of Cory's beautiful butt and gets him to suck his cock. Cory's deftly thorough blowjob makes Boomer grow and Cory goes deep but as he admits " I haven't sucked that big a dick in a while!"
Boomer gives Cory's mouth a rest, but not his hole. He slides right into Cory and pounds away from behind. Boomer is thorough as he goes in balls deep and grinds in, pulls out all the way and torpedoes back in. He knows Cory is loving just by the sounds of his grunts and groans. But he cab see it in hisface as he flips him over and fucks him on his back. 
Cory gets the full Boomer experience as the tattooed top drives in all the way, pins him to the bed and makes out with him passionately. Cory's deep-voiced groans grow louder to a powerful orgasm in which he creams over himself. Boomer resumes his hardcore fucking until he pulls out and glazes Cory's hole and thrusts back in. He scoops up some of his load and feeds Cory who hungrily gobbles the rest from Boomer's foreskin. They may be tickered out but they sure had fun!
Scene 4 - Boomer Banks & Lukus RAW!

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