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Price: $54.95 $34.95
Studio: Jake Jaxson Presents

Jake Jaxson Presents Insatiable


Scene 1 - Justin Brody Fucks Jacen Zhu
In his "Wildest Dream" fantasy Jacen Zhu reveals he has a longtime secret foot fetish...AND he gets to explore it with hot Justin Brody. As he says it plainly, " I like it. I enjoy it. It gets me going crazy". As shaggy-haired stud Justin lies back in bed, Jacen crawls forward, pulls down the covers, and barely using his lips gets Justin rock hard. As Jacen's mouth grazes his thighs, Justin's shaft bounces and when he lifts his leg and Jacen starts sucking on his toes, his cock bobs up and down. Soon it's standing at steel-hard attention. 
Justin's foot plays with Jacen's chest and nipple and he slaps his pec before Jacen, now stroking his own cock, resumes worshiping Justin's whole foot. In his deep voice Justin mutters, "Oh fuck dude. You got me so hard" and knowing what Jacen's mouth can do tells him to suck his cock. Jacen's eager sucking making Justin even bigger and harder..and more vocal. In a 69 position Jacen keeps sucking as Justin's mouth and tongue explore his hole. Justin's rimming is so on target Jacen sits up and temporarily is put into a trance of sheer ecstasy before resuming sucking. 
Jacen gets Justin deep inside by riding his cock forwards and backwards, bouncing up and down as he's increasingly thrilled by Justin's deep-voiced commands. Justin takes control and his cock virtually never leaves Jacen's hole as they change positions. He rams Jacen on his back grunting and growling, taking a little time to give him the total fantasy experience by sucking his toes. Justin tosses Jacen up on the bed, fucks him sideways and kisses him passionately before they lie side by side in a yin-yang position. There Justin pumps out a load into Jacen's ready face and then plays with him to help him cum soon after in a breathless orgasm. At the end Jacen is euphoric, lying with his fetish fulfilled...but so much more.
Scene 2 - Allen King & Taylor Reign
Scene 3 - Carmine Pavone & Jake Nobello
Introducing Jake Nobello & Carmine Pavone, TWO sexy newcomers eager to get to know each other. Jake is delighted that Carmine has come over and as they kiss Jake is more than ready to take control and tell Carmine what he wants him to do. After getting sucked Jake turns his attentions to Carmine's ass to rim him but when he turns him over to suck him back Jake is soon greeted with a hot surprise: Carmine is a grower! It's all Jake can do to open his mouth wide enough. 
Jake returns to rim and play with Carmine's hole and the flexible bottom easily and takes two fingers with obvious pleasure. When Jake thinks Carmine is ready he gets him on fours and fucks him. Carmine's moans and Italian accent make Jake even more excited and he takes pleasure in fucking him harder and giving his hot little a little slap.
When Jake tells Carmine to ride him a smile plays across his face and it's with quiet enthusiasm that he rides Jake's thrusting cock on command. Jake soon has Carmine on his back to pound him deeper and make his moans quicken as he gets closer to cumming. Jake fucks a splattering load out of Carmine and squirts out thick cum out of his cock. As Jake collapses and lies next to a spent Carmine the Italian bottom finally speaks clearly the word that says it all: "Grazie" 
Scene 4 - Ricky Roman & Sean Zevran
The intense chemistry between Ricky Roman & Sean Zevran is sparked the second they begin kissing like dancing a tango and once it bursts into flame the passionate blazes all the way to the end. Ricky turns from Sean's lips to the hard cock he's stroking and Ricky is relentless in using his mouth and throat to deliver focused deep pleasure even when they slip into a 69. But, once Ricky gets a sample of Sean's mouth and tongue Ricky wants him to use it on his hole.
Rimming Ricky and giving him pleasure makes Sean even harder and he gives his cock back to Ricky's eager mouth and throat..but they both know where it's going next. Sean power fucks Ricky from behind and he instinctively exerts control through the placement of his hands on Ricky's body. Just when it seems Sean has drilled him to the bed, Ricky springs up in a burst of energy and gets on top to ride his cock. They face each other to kiss as their bodies move in unison but their dynamic chemistry simply isn't ready to settle yet.
Ricky reverses position and resumes riding Sean's cock and as he leans back into it Sean drives harder and faster. When Sean takes him from the side and reaches fever pitch Ricky has to slow him down. Ricky sits back in a chair and sucks Sean deep before they resume fucking and this time there are no more speed bumps. Sean pounds a massive load out of Ricky that gushes all over his tan torso. Almost immediately Sean is ready to cum too and Ricky tries to get as much of it as it erupts. He tastes Sean's cock and, marveling at its impressive size and still-hard state, he can only say, "fuuuck."

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