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Raw! Volume 3: Hung & Raw

Price: $54.95 $34.95
Studio: CockyBoys

CockyBoys Presents Raw! Volume 3: Hung & Raw

Scene 1 - Calvin Banks & Mateo Vice Flip-Fuck RAW
What's hotter than being in a scene with your porn crush? How about finding out your crush has you on HIS want list and flip-fucking with him? This is the happy coincidence for Mateo Vice in this RAW condom-free scene with Calvin Banks! Calvin finds out how much Mateo wants him when he slowly reveals his cock and Mateo deep throats him instantly. And, as he continues Mateo's deep-sucking almost brings Calvin to his knees. Calvin eventually matches Mateo by lying him back on the stone stairs, sucking him deep too but also sucking his balls and rimming and fingering his hole!
Soon Calvin slides in his cock, balls deep into a reclining Mateo and slowly stretches out his hole just as Mateo wants. As their sexual excitement rises quickly the stone stairway gets put to good use. Mateo balances himself on the stone stairway so Calvin can fuck him in mid-air and even deeper than before. They're both on the edge and try to make it last but when they shift to Calvin taking him from behind, Mateo soon shoots his thick load all over the stones. That pushes Calvin over the edge and he cums inside Mateo and when he pulls out his voluminous load gushes out.And they're not done.
Indoors Mateo rides Calvin who then deep-throats him again. But, by mutual desire they flip. Mateo rims & tongue-fucks Calvin and tops him...hard! He manhandles Calvin as he pounds him, eventually flipping him on his stomach and holding his head down as he drills him away. Mateo gets sucked a bit but shortly Calvin is riding his thrusting cock every which way. Mateo controls Calvin's orgasm, edging him by choking him and fist-pumping his cock to a mammoth cum geyser. Once he milks him, Mateo fucks Calvin on the bed again, not stopping until he cums inside and thrusts his thick load back in. At the end there are some mighty pleased guys!
Scene 2 - Cole Claire & Justin Matthews RAW
Cole Claire returns for a condom-free, sensual bedroom fantasy with muscle jock Justin Matthews! Cole dives right in to peel back Justin's underwear and deep-throat his hard cock. Undaunted by Justin's hip-thrusting his cock deeper, Cole continues sucking and orally worships his big balls, exciting Justin to the point of immediately wanting to use Cole's ass. Cole is ready to go too: he's gets into position abd pulls down his briefs so Justin can fuck him from the side. 
Justin finds that sweet spot instantly and as his cock hammers Cole, he holds him by the throat and sucks his sensitive nipples..driving Cole load, breathless moans.Justin pulls Cole up on all fours and Cole's agile tight ass works Justin's cock, but soon Justin has him pinned to the bed pounding him into wails of pleasure again.
Justin finally gets Cole on his back and drives in his rod slowly and deeply. As he picks up speed, Cole grows louder and his variable groans and moans is is a pre-orgasmic medley when combined with his tight hole drive Justin over the edge. He pulls out to shoot over Cole's torso then slides his cock back in to finish cumming. As his load drips out of Cole, Justin sidles up to Cole as he shoots a thick load over himself. Justin kisses him and Cole is still on a sexual high well beyond the fade-out. 
Scene 3 - Dante Colle & Vincent O'Reilly RAW
Dante Colle makes his CockyBoys debut with Vincent O'Reilly as they condense a variety of hot condom-free fun into one afternoon in a high-rise Vegas hotel room, from balcony to bathtub to bed. Sitting on top of a railing overlooking the skyline, Dante leans back against the window and Vincent wordlessly says yes to what's being offered. They kiss and soon Vincent's mouth makes it way down Dante's torso...and to the full erection that pops out when unzips his jeans. Vincent treats Dante to an 5 star blowjob and the promise of more is the incentive for Dante join him inside.
A bubble bath is drawn and Dante is quick to get in and suck Vincent's fat dick while he's still standing outside the tub. Once he gets in they make out in the sensuous suds and Vincent resumes deep-sucking Dante. In time though Vincent makes it clear he wants more. Getting on all fours he presents his big muscle ass and Dante takes the offer rimming and fingering him before giving Vincent deep pounding as he grips the edge of the tub.
In bed Dante reclines as Vincent takes a favorite position: on his knees sitting on Dante's cock and rocking back & forth using his strong ass. He builds up his pace bouncing on his cock until Dante turns him around to ride him the same way building to an even faster pace. Getting him on his back Dante thrusts into Vincent and soon fucks the cum out of him and seconds pulls out to cum over his crotch & cream pie him. BUT Dante isn't done. He slides up so Vincent can suck his hard cock. AND soon he's shooting a second load over Vincent's face. As they share a cummy kiss Vincent now knows first hand why he's called "Double Load Dante"! 
Scene 4 - Devin Franco & Rock Mercury RAW
Rock Mercury makes his Cocky Boys debut by treating Devin Franco to a sensual session of bondage & domination in a CBFO condom-free scene! Devin & Rock get turned just talking about bondage & edging and it spurs some making out before they get down to it. Rock uses Shibari-style rope bondage to immobilize Devin's arms and make him the obedient sub to Rock’s focused and intense, but passionate domination. He starts by taking off Devin's tight jeans and suck-teases his growing cock, kisses him and creatively ties one leg to the chair.
Rock orally tantalizes Devin's rock hard cock and full balls, he sucks each of his sensitive nipples and plies him with kisses until Devin begs to suck him. Once Rock gets a proper "Sir" and "please" he feeds and face-fucks Devin but soon returns to stimulate his cock and nipples. Devin is ready to cum but gets held back by Rock’s masterful vocal and physical edging. After more deep sucking Rock finally offers to fuck a subservient but excited Devin. 
Untying and reapplying ropes Rock gets Devin on all fours rimming his huge bubble butt, priming him for the fucking they both want to happen. Rock slides right into Devin and lets loose vocally and physically as his cock owns his ass. He uses his whole body and grips the rope knots to drive deep into Devin and they fit together so perfectly that he flips him over on his back and fucks him without missing a beat. Rock bores deep Devin, kissing him passionately at the same time while their deep moans and groans are in perfect harmony. 
Flipping on his back Rock is driven wild as Devin easily slides down on his cock and bounces up and down. As Devin's hard dick slaps Rock’s abs their sexual energy reaches fever pitch and Rock urges Devin to shoot. He explodes over Rock’s chest and what he doesn't lick up he feeds to Devin. They share a cummy kiss and Rock binds him again to receive his load. With only his mouth free Devin licks Rock’s cock as he jacks off to an intense orgasm and facial for a deserving Devin. Not one drop of cum goes to waste!
Bonus: In a special epilogue with CockyBoys and BDSM first-timer Rock Mercury you'll find out what he liked about this scene and Devin. Once you see the scene, you'll probably already know the answer.

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