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Cade Has a Big Fat Dick

Price: $54.95 $34.95
Studio: Jake Jaxson Presents

Jake Jaxson Presents Cade Has a Big Fat Dick

Scene 1 - Cade Maddox & Grayson Lange
Is there anything more refreshing and satisfying on a hot summer day than sucking on a popsicle while lounging in a pool? Actually there is for Grayson Lange! He gets this AND Cade Maddox in their Summer At CockyBoys scene! Just as Grayson finishes one popsicle, muscular Cade Maddox feeds him another...and something extra once he's done. So, Grayson makes short work of Cade's popsicle and goes for the more satisfying treat: Cade's thick cock. He sucks it all and takes it deep when Cade face-fucks him and as an extra reward Cade takes him inside for the full Maddox.
Once indoors they continue making out and rubbing their cocks together before Cade bends over Grayson and rims his cute ass. In one swift, deft strength move Cade hangs Grayson upside down for mid-air rimming and Grayson instinctively sucks his cock. Cade eventually lets him down from their vertical 69 and is ready to fuck, but Grayson takes him to the staircase landing. 
The landing provides much versatility for their fucking. In the corner Cade fucks Grayson from behind and with some of ledging as support he fucks Grayson in the air. Grayson literally takes them to a higher level on an wider upper landing where Cade eats his ass and pile-drives him deep. Cade finally takes him to the railing to fuck him until Grayson shoots his load through the bars to splatter on the first floor. Cade has one more treat for Grayson...a mouthful of cum that erupts from his huge cockhead. Cade makes out with Grayson who lets him know he's not done with him yet: "There are other rooms in this house"!
Scene 2 - Ethan Slade & Josh Moore
Ethan Slade is ready to take the challenge of Josh Moore's big dick BUT he's going to do it his way, easing into it with a little intuitive foreplay. Lying in bed with Josh, Ethan begins with soft nipple play and gets the reaction he anticipated: Josh's hard cock is bouncing under the sheets. Ethan mouth-teases it before pulling back the sheet and sucking Josh's cock and he progressively takes more, especially as Josh responds by fingering with his tight hole. Josh wants more too and leaps up to satisfy his craving.
Josh deep rims and tongue fucks Ethan and this foreplay has the desired effect too: Ethan's cock is rock hard. Soon Ethan is up on all fours as Josh sucks him from behind and teases his hole before continuing with his own brand of foreplay. Kneeling together with Ethan and his cock nestled in his crack Josh necks with him, reaches around to play with his cock, and makes him squirm with nipple play. Ethan bends over and offers up his ass but Josh makes him wait and silently beg just a little bit longer before he finally starts to fuck him. 
Ethan & Josh move together with equal sexual heat: as Josh thrusts his cock in deep, Ethan thrusts his ass to meet him, even as he's nearly pinned to the bed. At one point Josh slows things down but Ethan is ready to charge ahead and ride his cock. With both of their sexual energies at a high level there's no stopping this train. Josh soon flips Ethan over on his back to relentlessly fuck him until he cums, and soon after Josh has an intense orgasm, giving Ethan a big cum shower. Ad Josh tells Ethan what he already knows: this was the best way to wake up in the morning. 
Scene 3 - Ben Masters & Sean Zevran
When Summer at CockyBoys gets too hot outside there's the option of A/C cooled indoor sex...which Ben Masters prefers. But his scene partner is muscular Sean Zevran, so it's still going to get hot! For Sean Z, Ben easily drops his desire to be in charge especially since he really wants to get fucked hard! However Sean first uses a tender touch, running his hands over Ben's body, kissing him and eating out his bubble butt. Ben loves it and wants more but Sean prefers to tease him just a little bit longer.
Ben gets a sample of Sean's muscles visually and on top of him as well as the feel of Sean's cock grinding in his crack. Finally after considerable begging Ben gets deep-dicked by Sean and does his best to use his ass on his cock. But Sean is in charge lifting and holding Ben by the neck and wrapping his arms around him tightly as he power drills his ass. He's so deep inside Ben that Sean flips him over to ride his cock without skipping a beat.
Sean exerts his control by piston-fucking Ben, holding him tightly and gripping his neck. He does give him a break from the ass-pounding so Ben can suck his cock, worship his hairy muscles and kiss him passionately. Sean resumes power-topping Ben from behind but he really wants to see Ben's face. So he sucks Ben on his back then fucks him intensely, holding him by the neck until he spurts a thick load. As Ben catches his breath Sean moves forward and gives him a mouthful of cum. Ben sucks his sensitive cock clean, thankful he got everything he wanted from Sean. 
Scene 4 - Justin Matthews & Troy Accola
At a CockyBoys summer party where everyone stands out, Troy Accola & Justin Matthews zero in on each other. Fortunately, some familiar-faced matchmakers help Troy & Justin get some alone time for a hot hook-up. Troy is already inside stroking his cock when Justin arrives and gets invited in. With hormones racing a welcoming kiss quickly turns to Justin sucking Troy's steel hard cock and licking his big, cum-filled balls. Justin bends Troy over the chair and cock teases his hole until Justin lets him know just how much he wants to be fucked.
Justin steadily deep-ducks Troy almost non-stop the way Troy begged until they're both nearly in a state of blissful sexual pleasure. But, they take a break from fucking so Justin can enjoy Troy's cocksucking. As Troy lies back Justin feeds him his cock and quickly gets sucked deep into his throat. As he starts face-fucking Troy, Justin leans forward to 69 with him but soon he wants his ass again. Turning him over with his ass raised up high Justin plunges in all the way.
Troy & Justin are so in sync they get into a groove once again but change it up one more time for a more intimate climax. Troy flips over on his back and Justin grinds in, works up a what and kisses him all over. Taking full control, Justin fucks Troy faster while his hand pumps Troy's cock until he cums and he's milked out his entire load. Justin pulls out right away and works himself up to a huge load that he squirts over Troy's torso. They've both been waiting a long time for this one! 

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