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Raw! Volume 2

Price: $54.95 $34.95
Studio: CockyBoys

CockyBoys Presents Raw Volume 2

Scene 1 - Aiden & Taylor
After two three-ways together, Taylor Reign finally gets Aiden Ward all to himself in a condomless CBFO outdoor flip-fuck! Lying together on a blanket Aiden feeds strawberries and kisses to Taylor, but soon he turns his attention to Taylor's cock. Aiden sucks and licks every inch and give him such pleasure that Taylor is eager to kiss him back and nearly swallow his thick meat.
After they climb out of their jeans Taylor lies on top of Aiden and they make out on a smooth path to fucking. At last Taylor gets to slide his raw cock into Aiden and deep pound his hairy hole. Aiden lies back and just enjoys the ride, his cock staying rock hard the whole time. Taylor switches over to doggy style and rises up to penetrate Aiden deeper and the rougher he fucks and manhandles him Aiden's cock gets harder...without even touching himself. 
A brief interlude of kissing and they switch up their dynamic without pause. As he lies on his back Taylor gets his ass rimmed before Aiden plunges his thick cock in deep. When he switches to a scissors fuck Aiden goes even deeper grinding Taylor into submission. It makes it that much easier for Aiden to flips Taylor over into a reverse pile-driver. Aiden goes balls deep and fucks Taylor into giving himself a thick facial. Soon after Aiden creampies Taylor's gaping hole and in the afterglow takes another strawberry slides it on his hole a feeds him a cum-coated fruit bite. Wild strawberries has a new meaning now! 
Scene 2 - Josh, Ricky & Taylor
Josh Moore, Ricky Roman & Taylor Reign team up to celebrate the wild, sexually carefree days of Summer at CockyBoys with a special scene like no other before. It's a CockyBoys Fans Only (CBFO) condomless, triple redux, outdoor sex scene with erotic bondage in which Taylor is tag teamed, spit-roasted, double-penetrated (for ther first time!), and double cream-pied by Josh & Ricky!
Taylor Reign revisits the sensual kink he & Josh Moore once explored while reuniting with Ricky Roman whose on his 4th appearance with Josh! Josh surprises Taylor with the same blindfold used in their first scene and once it's put on, he is theirs. Taylor feasts on Josh's cock while Ricky sucks Taylor who also gets his share of being manhandled. At one point during the suck fest Taylor winds up bent over getting rimmed by Ricky while going down on Josh. And in one slick move Ricky binds Taylor's wrists behind his back with wide black tape and starts fucking him.
For Ricky & Josh it's about treating Taylor like their sex toy. Ricky & Josh spit roast him with gusto but soon enough Taylor finds himself sucking both guys again..and two at a time. Just as quickly Ricky guides Taylor over to sit on Josh's cock and ride him deep. At the same Ricky shows his own brand of sexual gymnastics by climbing on top of the patio furniture for a semi-69, sucking Taylor who in turn rims him. And now Taylor is ready for one more challenge and for that milestone they take his blindfold off.
Taylor rides Josh's cock and when he gets into a groove Ricky steps in to fuck him from behind. Josh & Ricky help Taylor through this and when he's got it down they switch positions: Taylor rides Ricky while getting fucked missionary by Josh! The sensation of fucking inside Taylor next to Josh is soon too much for Ricky and he shoots his load inside Taylor. Josh pulls out and shoots over Taylor's hole and slides some of it back in with his cock. After Ricky and Josh pull out and their loads ooze out they take control of Taylor's orgasm. As Josh finger fucks him, Ricky hand pumps a load out of Taylor's cock and everyone is spent! 
There are high-fives and affection in the afterglow as well as satisfied smiles.
Just another summer day at CockyBoys! 
Scene 3 - Calvin & Cory
Longtime friends Calvin Banks & Cory Kane have their first scene together in a VERY special way, in their first Cocky Boys Fans Only (CBFO) scene: intimate & condom free! AND, it was filmed in Guadalajara, Mexico when CockyBoys was there for the film festival premiere of the Bruce LaBruce short film series. Cory & Calvin make out in the shower, their hard bodies pressed together tightly before Calvin goes down and deep throats Cory. An excited Cory is soon ready to reciprocate BUT Calvin wants to try out something different! 
Calvin brings out a Fleshjack wall mount and once he attaches it to the wall they create a two person-fuck chain: Cory fucks the Fleshjack while Calvin fucks him! The fun continues for a bit, but Calvin wants to mix it up a lot today. In the bedroom Cory finally gets to suck cock, but Calvin's attention is soon back on Cory's ass. He reaches over to finger him, stretches a little more to eat his ass and then inches forwards to fuck Cory in a variation on a reverse bulldog! Calvin shifts into a couple more positions but soon he's eager to bottom.
Calvin slides down on Cory's cock and rides him but when Cory does some shifting and leans forward, he takes the lead and goes in deeper, making Calvin gasp. Now it's Cory in control, plunging deep into Calvin, impaling him on his back and on his side. Cory pulls out just in time direct his thick load over Calvin's twitching hole and answering Calvin's excited pleas, slides his cock back in. With his cum and cock buried inside Calvin, Cory fucks a load that rockets out of Calvin. And, with Cory's creamy load oozing out of Calvin the satiated duo enjoy a happy afterglow. 
Scene 4 - Josh & Ricky
Here's a super-special CockyBoys Fans Only treat: a hot collection of Ricky Roman & Josh Moore's self-produced condomless vignettes! These "private files" were shot during Ricky's travels over the past few months when he and Josh got some alone time to engage in some hot "sexcapades". These juicy sex files get right to the point to show what many already know: Ricky & Josh just can't get enough of each other.
The longest vignette is a Ricky & Josh webcam show highlighting the intimate, showstopping sex. Ricky goes down on Josh's thick uncut cock and Josh reciprocates before Ricky rides him deep.And then Josh takes control picking up Rick fucking him on his back and pounding him from behind to breed him with a thick load. And loving top Josh isn't satisfied until he milks a load out of Ricky.
In the other vignettes, the guys get busy fast. In the woods, Ricky blows Josh and gets a mid-day protein snack just before he himself cums in the trickling stream below. Elsewhere on a secluded hilltop Ricky gets another tasty load after blowing Josh. Back inside it's a POV scene in which Ricky's mouth brings Josh to the edge and makes Josh erupt for more creamy snacking. AND, they finish at night by big old tree where Ricky gets sucked and finally gets to cum inside Josh fucking him against the tree. And he's still the attentive boyfriend making sure Josh gets off too..big time!

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