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Master Of Sex

Price: $54.95 $34.95
Studio: Jake Jaxson Presents

Jake Jaxson Presents Master of Sex

Scene 1 - Ben Masters & Justin Matthews
In his first filmed scene with Cocky Boys (shot prior to his Before The Afterglow episode), Ben Masters is VERY excited that his debut is with Justin Matthews! Justin is just his type physically and Ben thinks he will take control...which is true right from the start. Justin softly but forcefully makes Ben play with his cock through his jeans using his hand and mouth. When Ben is allowed to take out Justin's cock, it's dripping tasty precum. But still, Justin slows down an eager Ben to suck his cock and stroke it the way Justin wants it done.
Ben does such a good job Justin has to stop him before he cums. He then devotes time to enjoying Ben's smooth body and teasing him through his jeans the same way to show Ben how hot it can be. Justin also gives Ben some head in similar fashion before steering him into a hot 69. After getting Justin rock hard Ben just has to sit on it and this time Justin lets him go for it...but still maintains control. 
Justin's fucking drives Ben into putting himself into some acrobatic doggy-style sex positions for deep, dominant pounding. When Justin and Ben fuck on their knees Ben finally gets what he craves: Justin lightly choking him. After more position switching Justin takes Ben sideways and chokes him again just the right way to make him shoot his load! Justin gives Ben a mouthful of cum and as they bask in the afterglow, he's duly impressed with his scene partner: "Ben Masters...The Master"!
Scene 2 - Ashton Summers & Troy Accola
One snowy evening in a high-rise hotel, restless & horny Troy Accola goes to great lengths to get laid. Leaving his door unlatched he sends out a live video stroking his cock and fingering his hole in the hopes that the recipient Ashton Summers will take the bait. Which he does. Ashton enters slowly but quickly doffs his shirt and takes out his cock as Troy teases his hole. Soon his mouth is buried in that musky crevice and Ashton has become a performer in the live sex show.
After cock-teasing Troy's hungry hole Ashton slides into him and soon they're both watching themselves, becoming exhibitionists and voyeurs simultaneously. Ashton's cock and Troy's ass move together, but as the adrenaline thrill takes hold, Ashton pivots to full-on power top. This is his room now & he takes Troy to a mirror so they can both watch. Ashton sits back as Troy rides his cock in vivid sexual ecstasy. And now so focused on Ashton Troy turns his back to the mirror and sucks him deeply. 
What started as an anonymous encounter becomes a passionate connection as they kiss at length before Ashton lies Troy on his back in front of the mirror again. He almost sucks Troy to completion but then switches to fucking him non-stop until Ashton makes him shoot a load built up from hours of edging. Ashton spins Troy around and gives him a huge creamy facial. They kiss again to finish off night time sex fest but it doesn't look like they'll be parting any time soon
Scene 3 - Jack Hunter & Vincent O'Reilly 
When Vincent O'Reilly models for photographer Jack Hunter ,he can barely conceal his attraction to him. Yet, as much as he flirts with him, Jack remains a professional. That is until Vincent loses concentration and gets rock hard when he gets a look at Vincent's mouth-watering ass stretching out his underwear. He suspends the photo-session and professionalism goes out the window as they kiss deeply.
After considerable kissing Vincent goes down on Jack, savoring as much as he can with wide-mouthed ambition. As much as Jack loves the attention he wants Vincent's incredible work-stopping ass. He bends him over and buries his face in his deep crack, eating his ass and sucking his cock. Soon Jack takes them to a well-lit window where Vincent can go back to sucking him and Jack can take pics of the action. When he's got enough to commemorate this hookup Jack tongue lubes Vincent's hole again and fucks him deep. 
Changing locations Jack puts Vincent on his back on a cabinet to fuck him even deeper...and Vincent makes him to do it harder. Jack takes nude photos of his model before resuming fucking on the sofa. Here Vincent's ass dominates Jack's cock as he rides on top of him every which way he can before Jack resumes control. He pounds Vincent on his back until he can't hold back any more and cums over himself. In turn Jack kneels over him and gives him a juicy facial. And for one last time Jack grabs his camera to snap a pic of Vincent's face...and the art they created together.
Scene 4 - Cory Kane & Luca Beckham
Luca Beckham is eager to see where porn takes him and he's pretty fearless by taking on Cory Kane's big dick early on. Fortunately there's genuine chemistry and Cory's patience with Luca, knowing his cock is a challenge. They make out together on the sofa, passionately kissing and slowly undressing. Cory sucks Luca first and pulls out his thick, hard cock to give him a preview, but he goes right back to undressing Luca and sucking him again. Luca finally dives in and gorges himself on Cory's fat cock and big balls and gets vocal encouragement to take more. 
Cory soon is ready to take the next step and fully rims and eats out Luca's ass. Again taking his time he primes Luca with extensive rimming before taking him to the bed. There he teases him by sliding the length of his cock along Luca's crack and Luca signals he's ready by raising his ass to meat his humping. Still Cory slides in slowly giving Luca time to get used to his baseball bat and continues to move on the moaning bottom with incremental speed and depth.
After fucking him on his stomach Cory leans back on the bed, still deep inside Luca and lets him ride his pole. Now it's Cory who's impressed as Luca bounces up and down skillfully giving his top pleasure and bringing him closer. Cory succinctly tells Luca he wants to pump the cum out of him and fucks him on his back, not holding back at all until Luca jacks off a gigantic load that explodes up and over his body. Cory follows by jacking a load out of his engorged beercan cock. Both guys are speechless at the end because no words are necessary. Just more passionate kissing that says it all. 

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