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Got Wood

Price: $54.95 $34.95
Studio: CockyBoys

CockyBoys Presents Got Wood

Scene 1 - Ashton Summers & Sean Ford 
Sean Ford isn't a morning person, but thanks to Ashton Summers he learns to appreciate how good morning sex can be! A sleepy Sean is slowly aroused by playfully horny Ashton's kisses on his neck and body and is fully hard when they kiss and Ashton dry humps him through their underwear. After Ashton slips Sean's cock and balls out of his undies for a taste test, he kisses him again while Sean slides Ashton's underwear down to let out his raging hard cock.
Ashton teases Sean's hole with his cock and mouth but soon he's inside Sean and going from slow deep thrusts to full on fucking the breathless bottom. And as they go on they're more connected, kissing passionately and their bodies pressed tightly together. When Ashton takes a break from fucking, Sean is steps up to suck his cock and worship his ripped body and ask to be fucked in his favorite position: doggy style. He tells Ashton how he likes it and they're quickly in total sync and again physically one.
Sean wants to ride Ashton but he takes a minor detour with more worshipful making out with his lips and body. When he gets on top and rides Ashton's cock Sean is doesn't stop or slow down even as Ashton thrusts up into him. Naturally and effortlessly Sean cums and milks out a thick load over Ashton's torso and keeps riding his cock until Ashton is ready. He dismounts and kisses his body and Ashton shoots his load, spent and speechless as Sean tells him sweetly, "Thanks for waking me up this way."
Scene 2 - Josh Moore & Sean Zevran
The sight of naked muscle stud Sean Zevran lying by the pool playing with his cock is a mouth-watering temptation that fellow nude sunbather Josh Moore cannot resist. He climbs on top of Sean and they kiss with increasing passion but before getting too carried away they go indoors. There they continue to smooch against the pool table but their hard cocks demand attention. Sean kneels to thoroughly suck Josh's ever-growing girth and cum-filled balls and make him swoon. 
Josh responds to the pleasure by kissing Sean and turning him around to dry hump his hot ass get him on his back to suck his cock. But, Josh really wants Sean's muscular ass and when he gets him on all fours on top of the table, he feasts on his smooth hole. After some time enjoying the buffet Josh leads Sean to another room, pausing to kiss and grope each other's boners. 
On the daybed, the kissing goes on but this time Josh eases his boner into Sean's slippery hole. He relentlessly fucks Sean on his back pausing briefly only to flip him on all fours. In time Sean takes charge and rides Josh, working his voluptuous ass on his cock. Josh thrusts up into Sean as he bounces on his cock and that pushes a moaning Sean over the edge and his cock erupts with an intense load. Josh humps him but it's his view of Sean's bubble butt rising, falling and flexing that pushes him over the edge to stroke out a glazing load onto his muscle mounds. A great way to spend the afternoon! 
Scene 3 - Cory Kane & Valentin Braun Flip-Fuck
Before his scene with Cory Kane sexy charmer Valentin Braun says he's turned on when the other person is turned on. To put it simply. "'I feed off other people's pleasure." He soon learns that seems to be Cory's outlook too. Their compatibility and chemistry is self-evident as they kiss almost non-stop like long-term lovers & Cory sucks Valentin as though he's done it hundreds of times before. Soon the rock-hard duo go to bed where their kissing turns into a lengthy and loving 69.
Almost imperceptibly Cory starts rimming Valentin's taut dancer's ass and soon the limber German rises up to all fours. Cory can't what any longer and slides his cock into Valentin's spit-lubed hole. Cory fucks him deep and every inch of pleasure is registered on Valentin's face. Cory eventually switches roles and squats on Valentin's face where his lips and tongue make Cory moan with pleasure to the point he now wants to be fucked.
Valentin wraps his arms and around Cory and kisses him passionately as he fucks him sideways so deep his cock disappears. At one point Valentin swivels around to fuck Cory on his back and once more is drawn to kiss him passionately. As Valentin bears down and brings him close to the edge Cory decides he wants to make him cum first. Soon it's Valentin on his back getting plowed deep and as he's fucked he shoots over his flexed abs, much to Cory's vocal delight. Cory pulls out and cums over Valentin in almost the exact same area. They slip right back into each other's arms abd kiss again, Valentin still twitching from the heights of pleasure.
Scene 4 - Jacen Zhu & Luca Beckham
In a high rise above all the hustle & bustle of the city Jacen Zhu & Luca Beckham enjoy a spectacular view and what starts as a tranquil afternoon becomes a heated sex fest. Jacen makes some smooth moves as he kisses Luca and without rising from the sofa he soon has Luca naked, with his cock in his mouth and throat. After getting rimmed briefly Luca turns around to kiss Jacen, open his shirt, and kiss him all over his ripped torso inching towards his crotch. Jacen stops him though. If Luca wants it, he's going to have to work for it. 
Jacen necks with Luca in the mirror, taking out his cock and aggressively teasing him. Luca begs to be fucked but Jacen still wants more. In bed Luca sucks Jacen who plays with his ass and forcefully reminds Luca to use his mouth: "it's a blowjob, not a handjob". Soon Jacen has Luca responding to his every command..including playing with his own ass. This, along with Luca sucking on his nipples makes Jacen so excited that he cums hard. Luca, once he finds out he's still going to get fucked, is on the edge too and Jacen lets him shoot his big load too over his body. 
With his body still glistening with cum Jacen turns Luca on his stomach and with a little stimulus he gets hard and tops the blond bottom deep. He keeps going, lifting Luca to his knees to thrust in him, much to Luca's delight. They return to where it started, on the sofa with Jacen fucking Luca in the mirror. They move together in such perfect sync that Jacen is close again. BUT, he sits down so Luca can get one more wish..for Jacen to cum in his mouth. Luca almost gets his wish but he does get a taste anyway by sucking Jacen's sensitive head. Is it any wonder that Luca says, "These are my favorite kind of days" ?

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