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Sean Has a Big Fat Dick

Price: $54.95 $34.95
Studio: Jake Jaxson Presents

Jake Jaxson Presents Sean Has a Big Fat Dick

Sean & Ollie
Sean Zevran thinks he has Ollie figured out as a sweetheart who may put on a macho facade..but really likes to get fucked. Once he gets alone with Ollie and they stroke their looking at each other, Sean begins to test his theory. He orders Ollie to suck him while he watches in the ceiling mirror and, with brief hesitation, Ollie does as he's told. Ollie gets more into sucking him and Sean makes sure to keep Ollie's mouth on his thick cock, including a sexy, smooth 69.
Sean uses the 69 to start playing with Ollie's hole, just enough to make Ollie express how good it feels and make him more amenable to something more. After getting Ollie bent over, Sean humps his bubble butt crack and as his cock slides along his crack, Ollie finally says he wants Sean inside him. Sean teases him just a bit more then slides his cock in to give Ollie the topping that Sean suspected he wanted all along. As Ollie gasps and moans Sean derives physical pleasure as well as satisfaction in bottoming out Ollie and making him open up more for him.
Ollie feels the deep pleasure and begs Sean to fuck him harder..and Sean is happy to oblige. Eventually he puts Ollie on his back where he pins and makes him feel the full force of his muscular strength and cock. Ollie's vocal pleasure is heightened even more by watching himself in the mirror and soon they're both watching, turned on to put on an even hotter sex show...for themselves! At the end Sean takes total control of Ollie's orgasm by fucking him on the arm of the couch and stroking his cock until he milks a load out of him. As instructed Ollie licks Sean's balls but the second he does Sean shoots a thick load over his abs. The studs kiss one more time, satisfied contentment on their faces. 
The lesson here: trust Sean Zevran to detect a potential bottom. 
Ellis & Jack
In his Cocky Boys debut, very experienced Ellis says upfront that he loves a huge cock in his ass...especially when he's cumming. Still, he's a bit anxious... because he's taking on Jack Hunter! Fortunately Jack breaks the ice by going down on Ellis before taking out his already hard cock. A wide-eyed Ellis only hesitates briefly before hungrily sucking Jack and vocally feasting on and enjoying as much of his cock as he can. Soon enough Ellis wants some more sucking from Jack who quickly puts him in a state of heightened pleasure.
While Jack sucks Ellis, he deftly moves from handling his big balls to fingering his tight hole and making him moan louder. Ellis' body writhes and contorts and his cock is so hard he's wordlessly telling Jack he's ready to be fucked. Ellis squats slowly on Jack's cock and uses his deep-breathing techniques and bottoming experience to inch his way down and start riding him deeper & deeper. After giving Ellis leeway Jack takes a little more control and moves him up and down as he thrusts up into him in perfect sync.
In one smooth move Jack takes total control by bending over Ellis and giving him every inch with deeper and faster thrusts. He puts the stress test to Ellis' bottoming credentials with a variation on a pile-driver before turning him round and fucking him on his back. In no time Jack pushes Ellis right over the edge and fucks him into a quivering, quaking orgasm that lasts longer than his substantial cumshot. Jack is ready to blow too and as he lies back, Ellis recovers quickly to lick his balls and help them churn up a thick creamy load which erupts. down his shaft. Ellis lightly licks Jack's still towering shaft in worshipful fashion before they kiss in a office welcome to Cocky Boys! 
Cory & Levi
Levi Karter intuitively knows Cory Kane may be a quiet type, but he is NOT they both show you here. Levi gives Cory a little tour of the CockyBoys country retreat but it's in his bedroom where they start sucking each other off they use their phones to film themselves, creating some gonzo POV porn! That's the ice-breaker for the real scene in which they start kissing and making out with genuinely sweet affection...and open up to each other, quiet no more. It's Levi who lights the main fuse by starting to suck Cory's big and thick, steel-hard cock deep into his throat. 
Levi Karter tells Cory Kane without so much as one word how much he enjoys his cock by his lengthy sucking. Cory is not without words though, or deep moans, expressing the seemingly endless pleasure he's receiving. Cory gives Levi his turn by licking his big balls and taking Levi's cock with the same hungry enthusiasm and adds a little more by flipping Levi backwards and rimming him. Levi flips back to suck Cory again with extra enthusiasm because Cory has reached over to finger his sensitive hole. Cory needs only to mention the word fucking before flipping on his back, eager to get Cory's cock inside him.
After just a little teasing Cory Kane slowly slides his cock in and every inch that enters can be seen in Levi's eyes and widening mouth. As Cory fucks him, Levi's breathless sighs and moans get louder and the increasingly confident Cory fucks him harder and deeper. His inner power top now unleashed, Cory pounds Levi from behind and with Levi face down, ass up. As you'll see in Levi's face he's in total sexual ecstasy reaching its peak as he rides Cory's cock until he explodes over Cory's chest. And with Levi burying his face and tongue under his cum-swollen balls Cory shoots an even bigger load over himself and glazing his torso. Levi Karter has made sure no one should EVER again think Cory Kane is at all shy.
Ethan & Jacen
There's almost instant chemistry when Ethan Slade & Jacen Zhu meet and in very little time it's as though they've known each other for a while. Soon after kissing, Jacen introduces Ethan to his sensually tactile well as his foot fetish! He effortlessly sucks his cock deep while his hands travel to Ethan's mouth, and after kissing him again and licking his pits, Jacen sucks his toes. Ethan is a quick study and soon one foot is rubbing Jacen's bulging crotch while his freshly sucked foot caresses Jacen's sculpted torso. 
Ethan responds to Jacen with the same sensuality as he plays with his taut muscles and deep throats him and licks his big balls. In turn, Jacen enjoys Ethan's ass by caressing and gently slapping it and burying his face and mouth in between his muscular mounds. When he slides in his cock Ethan takes him all the way and within seconds they're both experiencing maximum pleasure.
They change positions and Ethan eagerly rides his cock so well that Jacen expresses himself with wide-eyed wonder. When Ethan shifts positions he and Jacen's gazes are fixed on each other and they remain so as they kiss and Jacen picks him up and plants him on his back to finish fucking him. Jacen determinedly thrusts harder as Ethan demands until he fucks a load out of him that keeps going and going. Jacen lies back and shoots his load and Ethan milks his sensitive cock to put him in a state of quivering sexual euphoria. THIS is chemistry!

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