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Camp CockyBoys: Allen King & Danny Montero (Scene Download)

Price: $7.99 $3.99
Studio: CockyBoys - Scene Downloads
Quantity 1 (this product is downloadable)

CockyBoys Presents Camp CockyBoys: Allen King & Danny Montero (Scene Download)


There's lot of fun at Camp CockyBoys and the huge gathering of models adds to it and gives some of the guys a chance to meet each other and make new well as have secret rendezvous. While everyone is hanging out by the pond and canoeing Allen King has his eye on Danny Montero and isn't coy or clever about getting him alone. He simply tells Danny he needs help blowing up the huge pool inflatables and off they go to the pool. They may not be fooling everyone but there better be results!
At the pool Allen & Danny are more interested in flirting than inflating all the pool toys. They don't even make a dent in the task before Allen gives up and suggests they take a break. Without hesitation a giddy Danny starts kissing Allen and goes down on him and Allen's fatigue magically disappears! In fact Allen is energized by Danny's cocksucking and takes him over to the lounge chair to face-fuck him and suck him right back. bringing a big smile to his face. Showing no signs of slowing down Allen pushes Danny backwards to rim him, tease him with his cock, and get inside him.
Allen fucks Danny hard without any inhibitions and in full control...and both guys are completely happy with the situation. While in this mode Allen turns around and directs Danny to sit on his cock and ride him and they're both unbound and in perfect sync. Allen drives up into Danny like a piston machine and Danny sides up and down with the same rhythm before they both lie back into horizontal cowboy and get close to the edge. Allen takes command again and bends Danny over the back of a chair to fuck him hard again and it's the just the position to push Danny over the edge to jack off a torrent of cum. Allen pulls out and glazes Danny's just fucked ass and they're both spent.
But what about the job of inflating all those jumbo pool toys? This time Allen is really exhausted and so is Danny. However Danny has a time-saving and human-energy conservation idea and soon they're both happy again, floating in the pool with ALL five inflatables! It's pool party time!

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