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Jacen Has a Big Fat Dick

Price: $34.95 $29.99
Studio: Jake Jaxson Presents

Jake Jaxson PresentsJacen Has a Big Fat Dick

Scene 1 - Jacen Zhu & Tegan Zayne
I'm happy to present another installment of our erotic doc series A CockyBoy is _____. Throughout the year with this series, we hope to show a different side of the young men who work so hard to make CockyBoys what it has become today. 
When I first discovered Tegan Zayne, it was on Twitter. And like many others, I fell in love with his "come what may" personality -- his one liners, zingers, observations and social commentary. Tegan's rise in the adult business was quick, starting at Chaos Men and from there signing as an exclusive at Raging Stallion and then last year coming over to work with us. 
When I first decided to make this film, I wanted the title to be "A CockyBoys is Brave" because when Tegan started working with us, he decided to move from his home town in Florida (where things were comfortable and moved at a slower pace) to New York (where the pace of life can be biting, cold, and unforgiving). I saw first-hand his struggle, his determination, and his desire to try something new and different. It was a bold, brave move -- one that can challenge anyone. And it did. 
Change can be a double edged sword. In the best of circumstances it motivates us, and in the worst it can frighten and paralyze us with distractions and defeat. But at the end of the day, how we manage the ups and downs of change, how we define the terms and set the tone, will determine how we live day to day. And so with Tegan that he changed as a result. He is as outspoken as ever, weird as ever, creative as ever, and at the end of the day UNiQUE as ever, and as such, I believe it's a perfect quality of a CockyBoy. 
Also, let me take a moment to introduce and welcome Jacen Zhu. He and Tegan met via Twitter, and from my first conversation with him I was smitten. You will see from this film that he is a bright light. 
What I love about this scene, so wonderfully shot by RJ and edited by Cilantro, is how we filmed these two actually meeting for the first time, capturing that perfect mix of nervousness and excitement -- that awkward moment of not knowing what to expect and loving every moment of exploring. I hope y'all enjoy it as much as I do! 
Scene 2 - Arad Winwin and Marco Montgomery
Cockyboys newcomer Marco Montgomery likes the idea of being controlled when it comes to sex and this smooth and slender dude has no problem giving up his ass to the right guy. Arad WinWin's style is more dominant and he loves telling his partner what to do so it sounds like a match made in heaven!
These two start making out in the shower and Arad is quick to push Marco to his knees and tell him to suck cock. Marco has no problem obeying his alpha partner and quickly swallows that fat cock. Swirling his tongue around the head and shaft as Arad moans his approval. Arad lets Marco have his way with his cock then pulls him up and kisses him forcefully on the lips. Looking him in they eye with a look of complete control that is impossible to forgot.
He turns Marco around and fingers his ass as Marco whimpers and moans. The fingers are quickly replaced by Arad's rock hard cock and the two fuck standing up as the water splashes all over their bodies. Marco's cock is rock hard as Arad slams his ass from behind. These two are a perfect fit!
They shut off the shower and move the action by the pool where Arad bends Marcus over and eats his tight little twink asshole. Slurping and slopping his way around that sphincter then darting his tongue deep inside his buddy's body. Marco moans helplessly as Arad replaces his tongue with his cock and starts slamming his ass from behind.
The two fuck doggy style as the afternoon sun beats down on their perfect bodies. Arad slams Marcos ass for all he's worth and leaves the poor little twink whimpering with lusty desire. Arad flips the action around and sits back on the lounger as Marco sits on that cock and starts bobbing up and down.
Arade nibble and kisses at Arad's nipple as the smooth twink rides his cock and brings both of them to the brink. This little twink knows how to fuck and even Arad can't believe how good it feels! They look like they can go on forver when Marco announces that he's about to cum and his body shudders and spasms as the outrageous pleasure of orgasm takes him in its grip. His ass clenches down tight on Arad's cock while the pleasure courses through his body and that does the trick for Arad who pulls out and tells him to lick his balls while he shoots.
And does he ever shoot! Blast after blast of red hot cum shoot all over his muscular chest and rock hard abs and leave him glistening with the products of his own desire. Marco climbs back up on top and kisses him gently on the lips and says, "That was fucking hot." 
Arad can only grunt his approval as the jizz cools on his belly. Amazing scene filled with pure animal passion and some of the most honest fucking you're going to see! Damn!
Scene 3 - Topher Dimaggio & Allen King
Topher Dimaggio & Allen King have been flirting on the back deck all afternoon when Topher asks Allen how to say "I've been dreaming of your lips on my cock" in Spanish. Allen's eyes light up as he answers his buddy's question then says, "Why don't I just show you?" He walks right over and gets on his knees to start sucking on Topher's enormous cock. Things look like they're going in the right direction when a huge rain storm comes out of nowhere and soaks them to the bone. They hurry inside and continue to explore each others bodies inside the safety of the house.
Allen gets on his knees at the door and gets back to sucking Topher's cock as Topher's eyes roll back in his head and the pleasure takes control. Topher lets Allen get his fill of that cock before bending down and kissing his buddy hard on the lips. The passion these two have for each other sizzles off the screen and Topher isn't wasting any time in taking things to the next level!
He picks Allen up and carries him from the door to the couch where he pushes up his legs and dives on that asshole. Licking and tongue fucking his Spanish buddy's hole while Allen can only moan in appreciation. Topher moves his attention to Allen's cock and shows him what his mouth feels like. Allen's cock lurches to attention and his moans get a little louder as Topher works his magic. He switches between Allen's asshole and his cock as their horny desire comes to a head and Topher reaches for a condom.
He slips the rubber on his cock and slides it all the way into Allen's ass in a single forceful motion — burying his cock and causing Allen beg for more. They fuck like crazy on the arm of the couch before Allen hops on his knees and aims his ass at Topher's cock. Topher doesn't need a written invitation to mount his buddy from behind and the two fuck doggy style as Alex bites the pillow on the couch and absorbs every ounce of pleasure he's given.
Topher sits back on the couch and gets Allen to sit on his dick and the two pick up the pace. Allen is bouncing up and down on Topher's huge cock as Topher playfully slaps Allen's ass. Allen turns around and tells Topher's he's going to cum just in time for the cum to start flying out of his cock. He coats his belly with a thick load of goo then slides off of Topher's cock and says, "Cum for me!" 
Topher aims his cock at Allen's chest and lets loose a load of cum that made that rains storm look like a spring shower. Blast after blast of white hot jizz splash on Allen's chest and dribble down onto his belly. Topher is gasping for air but he recovers enough to lean over and kiss Allen one more time. The two look into each other eyes then notice that it stopped raining sometime during their fuck. The chuckle and keep right on kissing... 
Scene 4 - Adam Ramzi & Jeremy Spreadums
Adam Ramzi and Jeremy Spreadums (it's an old family name) have a lot in common. They both work in the mental wellness field and promote positive sexual identities within the LGBTQ community. Adam's been doing it a bit longer and he's got the respect of young Jeremy who looks up to his experience and skill. 
Adam likes to be in charge and dominate in the bedroom and Jeremy can't wait to let him take control for the ride of his life! 
The two start off looking at each other in the mirror. Adam guides Jeremy on the start of their journey. Making him look at himself and admire his beautiful face and perfect body before stripping him down and rimming his ass. Jeremy just moans and enjoys the feeling but he wants more so he begs for Adam's cock in his ass and Adam is happy to oblige! He bends Jeremy over and slides his rock hard cock in his tight hole then slowly works it in and out. Fucking him with purpose as they both watch the action in the full length mirror. 
Jeremy wants more of that cock so they head to the living room where Adam gets an amazing half-time blowjob from this hot little stud. Jeremy looks up into Adam's eyes as he slides his mouth up and down the shaft of his cock. Adam moans with pleasure and reassures Jeremy by calling him a "good boy." The sexual energy between these two is amazing and you get the real feeling that they're not acting at any point. They're fucking into each other!! 
Jeremy hops on that cock and rides it cowboy style while looking into Adam's eyes. Adam pounds that hole hard enough to make Jermey scream with pleausure. A ferocious fuck to wake the neighbors!! Jeremy tells Adam he's getting close but Adam wants that load on his own terms. He tells Jeremy "Don't you dare cum!" and slows the pace to help him last. He kisses him hard and tells him to get on his back so he can fuck the cum out of him. 
Jeremy flips around and pulls his legs in the air so Adam can get that cock back in his ass. Before you know it, Adam's balls are slapping against Jeremy's ass and he's fucking him like there's no tomorrow. The moans and groans tell you just how much they are both enjoying the action. The pace picks up and and Jeremy gives his cock on last tug then shoots a thick load of cum all over his smooth tight belly. Gasping for air as Adam continues to pound his hole for a couple more strokes. 
Then it's Adam's turn so he pulls out and hoses down Jeremy with his own load of cum. Adding to the sticky mess on his belly before collapsing on his new buddy and kissing him passionately on the lips. These two look into each others eyes and continue to make out as the cum cools on Jeremy's belly. 
Holy hell, that fucking scene is fucking hot! 


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