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One Erection

Price: $44.95 $9.99
Studio: CockyBoys

CockyBoys Presents One Erection



In the fall of 2015, the internationally known boy band sensation New Direction had just ended their third world tour and released their newest (and most controversial) hit single, "A Porn Love Story." While they were looking forward to some much needed rest, they first had to shoot the music video for Porn Love Story. Much to my surprise, the band asked me to make a no holds barred documentary following that process. At the start of this journey, I thought I would be making the next great "rockumentary." But it soon became clear what I was making may very well be one of the most EPIC "COCKumentaries!"

Episode 1: Lukas Grande + Rikk York + Trenton Ducati

At the end of their 2015 world tour, boy band sensation New Direction went on hiatus. During that time, the band decided to produce a documentary. The film did not go as planned.


With CockyBoys director Jake Jaxson behind the camera, One Erection: The (Un)Making of a Boy Band allows us a behind-the-scenes peek of what really goes on when New Direction members Liam Riley, Levi Karter, Tayte Hanson, and Kody Stewart hire the famous DJ/drag queen/pornographer Chi Chi LaRue to direct their latest music video A Porn Love Story after band member Allen King has chosen to leave the group.


Wary of Liam's controlling nature -- including his campaign for the documentary to even be made in the first place -- the band members learn how to work with Chi Chi and the pack of famous porn stars he's brought with him for the shoot, Trenton Ducati, Lukas Grande, and Rikk York. And while Chi Chi has promised New Direction manager Jason Maddox there will be no sex in the music video, Chi Chi seems to have a personal agenda of his own -- an agenda that perhaps not so coincidentally also lines up with Liam's.


Featuring a hot threeway between Trenton Ducati, Lukas Grande, and Rikk York and guest directed by Chi Chi LaRue himself, this first installment of One Erection: The Unmaking of a Boy Band, "Sticky Face," shows what happens when artists from all different walks of life come together and learn to accept and tolerate one another in order to create something entirely original.


Episode 2: Jason Maddox + Tayte Hanson


The last time we met up with boy band sensation New Direction, the guys were shooting their new music video directed by legendary filmmaker Chi Chi LaRue. The location was a notable gay club, the director a famous drag queen and pornographer, and the homoerotic lyrics of their songs seemed to provoke one blatantly obvious question... are these guys gay or what? The members of the band have explicitly denied discussing their sexuality in public, but when indie filmmaker Jake Jaxson was given the OK by frontman Liam Riley to film a behind-the-scenes documentary of the band members' personal lives, all the juicy secrets have suddenly come to the surface... whether they like it or not!


In this second installment of One Erection: The (Un)making of a Boy Band, more of the T is spilled when the band's sexuality is called out by celeb-journalist Evan Ross Katz in a heated interview. Liam Riley vocalizes some internalized feelings regarding fellow New Direction member Levi Karter and the recently departed Allen King, and band manager Jason Maddox is soon at odds for finding a replacement. Complications ensue, however, when Jason gets mixed up in his own personal love interest -- the token evangelical rock singer of the group, Tayte Hanson. With their priorities all over the place, the remaining members of the band come to terms with Tayte replacing Allen as their new choreographer, while Jason comes to terms with accepting a more public relationship with Tayte.


As New Direction's hit single "Sticky Face" reaches the top of the charts, we soon find out the true meaning of the song. With Tayte's pride for being a stern... if rather weird... supporter of making Jesus "sexier," Jason finally comes to terms with making their relationship as explicitly exposed as possible. Soon enough, Tayte's Walmart bestselling hit "Nailed Him" takes on a whole new meaning as he gets nailed by Jason's cock in every way imaginable! And then finally a surprise special guest crashes the party, making the future of New Direction anything but certain...


Episode 3: Kody Stewart + Nick Sterling


In this episode of One Erection: The (Un)making of a Boy Band, Spanish stud Allen King arrives unannounced to the estate where his former pop group New Direction continue to film their music video, directed by legendary filmmaker/DJ/drag queen Chi Chi LaRue. Tensions boil over when he has a run-in with New Direction front-man, Liam Riley, making it clear why the group went on hiatus in the first place.


Meanwhile, Chi Chi films footage for the music video with porn star and leather enthusiast, Nick Sterling, as New Direction member Kody Stewart watches admirably from afar. While Chi Chi swears the music video won't incorporate porn, his actions prove otherwise as he encourages a not-so-candid interaction between Nick and Kody before going off to meditate.


Under the hypnotic guidance of spirited guru Intertia Longfellow, a soothing meditation session helps relax Levi Karter, Allen King, and Chi Chi as they attempt to find peace of mind. In Chi Chi's case, however, a sexy romp between Nick and Kody plays out in the fantasy of his mind -- a passionate kiss soon turns to sucking, fucking, and lots of leather! But in Allen's case, an epiphany occurs when he drops a bombshell about Liam that could change the reputation of the band forever!


Episode 4: Allen King + Levi Karter


It's the second to last episode of One Erection: The Un-Making of a Boy Band and the rumors, gossip, and sexual tension within the group just keep stacking up! With Allen crashing the party at the set of New Direction's upcoming music video, A Porn Love Story, he's quick to cozy up to Levi and form an alliance. But Liam Riley, who swears he's not jealous, has a few tricks up his sleeve... well, actually ONE prominent trick by the name of Trenton Ducati. 


Liam decides the band's going to audition Trenton to be a part of the music video, or just audition him for the sake of auditioning. As Trenton describes it himself, he's not entirely sure why he's there... all he knows is that Liam won't stop sexually harassing him. Meanwhile, Allen is growing increasingly agitated with the band's antics and quickly remembers why he left in the first place. After Levi tracks Allen down outside and has a chat with him, the guys realize they have true feelings for each other, and they plan what to do next! 


But not without a proper reunion romp in the meditation studio first. After some kissing, undressing, and sucking each other off, Levi took Allen's cock on his back, got pounded on all fours, and rode his rod in between -- all within the confines of the space they had just found peace of mind with their music video director, Chi Chi La Rue. A short while later, Trenton is summoned to the band's "hang-out space" just to "hang out" and gets way more than he bargained for... and then some. There's no telling how it will all end (or begin?) for the next phase of the New Direction's career, but with tensions running high and things getting weird, it's going to be a wild ride. 


Episode 5: Orgy (Colby Keller, Allen King, Kody Stewart, Levi Karter, Liam Riley, Tayte Hanson)


When documentary filmmaker Jake Jaxson first set out to expose the truth behind boy band sensation New Direction, he never expected the amount of interpersonal drama and the juicy secrets he'd uncover! With band member Allen King abruptly quitting the group, the boys set out to relaunch their brand by hiring legendary drag queen and pornographer Chi Chi LaRue to direct their new music video along with the clan of gay porn stars he has in tow. The motives of the band members, who've always identified as "straight," quickly come into question as they slowly reveal their true selves... former Christian rock singer Tayte Hanson cozies up with manager Jason Maddox, Kody Stewart develops an affection for leather daddy Nick Sterling, and Levi Karter proves he's in a not-so-secret relationship with Allen upon his unexpected return. Meanwhile, New Direction frontman Liam Riley appears to "sexually harass" porn star Trenton Ducati in a way that's nothing but private... but goes silent when a possible alter-ego named "Bambi" is revealed to cause friction in the group for being a "sex-crazed nymphomaniac."


In more ways than one, the drama comes to a head in this final installment of One Erection: The Un-Making of a Boy Band as the group finishes their video shoot which Chi Chi and porn star hotshot Colby Keller is hired to play a "lumberjack." Initially not wanting to out the group on any personal matters, Chi Chi maintains a questionable level of professionalism directing the boys with Colby perhaps employing a personal agenda of his own. And when Colby tries to leave after the shoot wraps, Liam once again stands in his way -- this time with Tayte and Kody backing him up. To his surprise however, Liam gets more than he bargains for when Colby gives the three an all-out fuck fest! By the way he drills, fills, fucks, and sucks each eager boy band member, it's obvious Colby lives up to his reputation. But it's the coupled-off Levi and Allen who are the ones playing games this time, eventually becoming a VERY essential addition to their hot, sweaty orgy and pushing the word "exploitation" in an entirely new direction.


But in order for Jake Jaxson's documentary to conclude, there's still many questions that still linger. Why exactly did the band hire him to make a tell-all film about them? Why did yet another member of the band suddenly quit the group? What exactly is Chi Chi's music video about and how did a sex tape of the group surface to the public first? But most importantly... who the fuck is Bambi?

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