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Dato Foland Fucks Levi Karter (Scene Download)

Price: $11.99
Studio: CockyBoys - Scene Downloads
Quantity 1 (this product is downloadable)

CockyBoys Presents Dato Foland Fucks Levi Karter (Scene Download)


Dato Foland is back in New York and this time heís enjoying some quality time with none other than our very own special Levi Karter. These two are both each othersí perfect types so the chemistry is off the charts from the very first moment they see each other until Levi is completely soaked in Datoís cum. Dato is still very new to Cockyboys (did you check out his first scene with Allen King? WOW!) so we decided to take him out for a walk and get to know him a bit better. Dato is so much more than just a pretty face and a muscular body and itís a pleasure to get to know him as the beautiful person that he is but his charm really shoots up to 100 when Levi is standing next to him and heís all smiles from ear to ear. And as Levi says ďHeís super hot. Itís distracting!Ē

After some quality time in the pool, the guys head up to the house but only make it to the first chair they see before Levi finds himself laying on his back and getting face fucked by Dato. Without even touching himself, Leviís cock is rock hard and pulsing through his shorts just from getting his throat stuffed with the big meat. But Levi isnít the only hungry one around here. After giving him a taste of his cock, Dato spreads Leviís legs open and shoves his face in between those cheeks to taste Leviís perfect little hole and starts opening it up to get it ready for the deep pounding thatís about to follow. ďShow me youíre ready!Ē says Dato and as Levi pushes his hole out to show him how much he needs that dick Dato shoves it all the way in and starts ramming it into Leviís hungry wet hole. Then Dato pushes Leviís legs up and over Leviís head so he can mount him from the top.

After nearly breaking Leviís back from fucking him upside down he decides to give him a break and let him ride it for a bit. As Leviís rock hard cock bounces up and down itís obvious that Dato is hitting the right spot. ďFuck youíre so hot!Ē whispers Levi into Datoís ear as Datoís big dick is splitting his hole in half. ďOh yeah. Fuck. Oh my God! So good!Ē is all that Dato seems to be able to say as Levi leaves him breathless from riding his cock like a champ. For the grand finale, Dato decides to take Levi to the fence where he keeps drilling Leviís hole until Levi canít hold it anymore and shoots his load into Datoís hand so he can get a taste of it. Then Dato pulls out and tastes Leviís freshly fucked hole and shoots his load straight into Leviís hungry wide open mouth. Shall we say Levi just got Datoíd?

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