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Cream of the Cock Vol. 5

Price: $44.95 $39.99
Studio: CockyBoys

CockyBoys Presents Cream of the Cock Vol. 5


Gabriel Clark, Ricky Roman, Dillon Rossi & Ty Rodrick are part of this collection of the creme de la creme of Cockyboys that are all for getting dirty and showing you a good time!

Scene 1: Gabriel Clark + Dillon Rossi


The most brutal cocky bad boy around is back to slam the hole of another unsuspecting newbie, and it was intense! Of course I'm talking about Gabriel Clark, who the fuck else did you think?


You're never a true CockyBoy unless you've been Clark'd, and Dillon Rossi thought he could get away with skipping this crucial cocky step. So far, Dillon's been pretty confident after fucking around with Max Ryder, Jake Bass, and Pierre Fitch... but as many of us know, you never graduate from "newbie" status until Gabriel has his way with you.


Dillon thought he could handle Gabriel's sexy allure and assertive personality, but it wasn't long before he caved. "I'm a top... mostly," Dillon said nervously. But Gabriel only smiled before he went in for it and completely dispelled those final words. Gabriel dominated Dillon in every way imaginable, and all Dillon could do was moan as his ass was completely violated.


After Gabriel shot his wad all over Dillon's face, he asked Dillon if he liked it better smooth or rough. Dillon's stunned facial expression seemed to be paralyzed, but finally, he managed, "The rougher, the better..."


Scene 2: Arnaud Chagall + Jett Black


Jett Black wanted his first time having sex on camera to be special, so we brought in Arnaud Chagall to break him in. In many ways, these two are the perfect pairing -- both are French-Canadian, both are height/weight proportionate, and both are sexually versatile. That's not to say they didn't love exploring each other's differences, though. Arnaud has a brown, scruffy beard and a happy trail while Jett is blond and smooth; Jett is more outgoing while Arnaud is quiet but still aggressive; and Jett's long, sandy hair tends to bounce around when he's getting fucked while Arnaud keeps his hair cut short.


The biggest difference between the two, however, is that Arnaud has a lot more experience fucking on camera than Jett, so of course that meant Jett would be the one getting fucked. The two started off wrestling on the bed before things quickly turned sexual and Arnaud's cock found its way into Jett's mouth. And can I just say that Jett really loves to suck cock?! I guess with lips like his, he really knows to take advantage of them.


Then the pounding commenced. Jett got fucked by Arnaud on all fours, standing up, sitting down, and on his back where both guys finally blew their loads all over Jett's abs and pecs. Another great pairing and another new CockyBoy initiated on camera could only mean one thing -- much more of Jett Black in the future!


Scene 3: Hayden Lourd + the Camera Man


It's with pride and pleasure that I introduce you to Hayden Lourd--our newest CockyBoy.


I often get asked what I look for when casting or signing guys for our site--what is the secret sauce for the perfect CockyBoy?


I say it over and over. For me it's personality. That someone who lights up a room or commands attention from the first moment. I have met some stunningly beautiful boys--some who were nice, ripped, sexy. They were boys that would "sell," but they were not very exciting or engaging. Anyone else would have signed them--but truthfully my heart would have not been in it. At the end of the day, there are a countless number of hot guys out there that would easily look good in front of a camera, but what gets me excited is when a guy brings a little bit of something extra to the table--it's an undefinable quality that's different for every guy.


And today I can proudly tell you-- Hayden Lourd HAS IT!


From the moment I met Hayden he was cracking me up with his "live & let live" attitude, raw masculinity, sexual energy. I was punch drunk. His sexy smile, at one moment innocent and playful, could just as easily tease and seduce before becoming a evil grin that could melt the pants off a lumberjack!


In his fist ever solo, Hayden wasted no time seducing our now famous camera guy, who wasted no time helping him out. Hayden even managed to get our camera guy naked and--well, I won't spoil the ending for you. Hayden's art of seduction would've had me at hello.


Scene 4: Ty Roderick + JD Pheonix


There was no introduction necessary for Ty Roderick and JD Phoenix. These guys are both very masculine and very aggressive when it comes to sex -- all we had to do was just put them together and let our cameras roll. It was like they both knew exactly how to work off each other, and it made for some great chemistry.


JD couldn't get enough of Ty's thick cock and must have been sucking it for hours. Ty, on the other hand, couldn't keep his hands off JD's perfect ass which is shaped exactly like a peach. After he rimmed JD for a bit, Ty pulled JD to the floor and began fucking him standing up. Then it was back to the bed where JD was drilled so hard that he came all over his own abs. JD's lips then moved right back to Ty's cock where he sucked him until he finally came as well. 


By far, the best part about this scene was all the mirrors in the room. Ty and JD couldn't help but watch each other from all the different angles available to them, and it made for a very expository encounter.


Scene 5: Ricky Roman + Ben Rose


Ricky Roman and Ben Rose make the perfect pairing -- they're both dark, muscular, and have about the same amount of tattoos. Their chemistry was undeniable when they first met and Ben loved to suck Ricky's giant cock. In turn, Ricky loved rimming Ben's ass before fucking him. We can't really tell which of these two is more cocky... if one thing's for sure, they both had big smiles on their faces after they were through with each other.

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