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Boys to Adore Galore

Price: $34.95 $9.99
Studio: CockyBoys

CockyBoys Presents Boys to Adore Galore

This volume contains five genre-busting shorts from CockyBoys’ First Annual Porn Haus Film Fest. Written and directed in various styles, these films have redefined the portrayal of porn in the modern era. With odes to Andy Warhol, self-discoveries in strange cities, and various forms of self-gratification, this anthology is nothing but the reinvention of the exploration of male sexuality today.


In this short film directed by Jake Jaxson, we're taken on an exciting, celebratory journey through history while also witnessing it being created before our very eyes. As much of a tribute to Andy Warhol as it is inspired by the artist, Boys to Adore Galore features an ensemble of hot CockyBoys in their most natural form. Bravo Delta, Dillon Rossi, Max Ryder, Levi Karter, Jett Black, JD Phoenix, and Ricky Roman all share the screen to create a fun and sexually charged atmosphere that mirrors what you might imagine Warhol's social life looked like back in the '60s.

Intercut with nuggets of knowledge from Andy's era, this film features two simultaneous threeways -- the first featuring Bravo and Jett fucking Levi and the second featuring Max and Ricky pounding Dillon. But in the same free-spirited style as Warhol, nothing's off limits when all the models get together and suck 'n fuck each other, one CockyBoy to the next.

And if you didn't think it could get any better, then just wait until the end when JD joins the party. Nobody can take a cock like JD can, and in this case, he manages to take several with a very "climactic" ending. If Warhol's unfinished film "Orgy" had ever been completed, it would probably look something like this!


When Bravo Delta heard about our Porn Haus Film Fest, he was eager to jump in on the action. Filmmaking is how he got connected to CockyBoys to begin with -- his account on xTube has amassed nearly 10,000 subscribers!

With his talents both on and off camera, Bravo came up with an idea for a new Porn Haus film that emphasized both his hyper-realistic xTube aesthetic and his skills with lighting and cinematography. We decided to combine never-before-seen footage Bravo shot of himself with some of his most popular xTube videos -- all making for one extremely sexy, trippy, and deeply personal porn experience.

The result is Penetralia (n. the innermost parts or recesses of a place or thing), a celebratory collage of all things Bravo Delta. In this short film, you'll get to see Bravo jerking off in bed, in the shower, on the couch, and in the basement -- all from footage he shot himself at home. Exuding confidence, intelligence, pride, and authenticity, Bravo is that rare porn star who has created an artful film in his most natural state.


Frankie has been kind of a CockyBoys anomaly. So far he's only shot one solo scene with us in New York, and he's already captured a legion of Fans. He is also a regular guest host on Gay Sex Cast. He is creative, unique, and his ambition is through the roof. I first approached Frankie about doing a film for our Porn Haus Film Fest after seeing some of his films on his Youtube page. As I expected, he was eager to take on the project. I gave him a theme: SELF LOVE.


He came back with a series of personal moments showing the different mental states one may go through before finally learning to love themselves. Frankie then overlays these emotions with the art of masturbation-- jerking off every day for five days.

Just like Frankie himself, this short film is very unique, contemplative, and stylistically raw. Frankie has a very sharp edge to him, and is definitely a personality that deserves a lot of attention. We're happy he's a CockyBoy, and proud to showcase his unique voice to the world.

I'm also happy to announce you will be seeing more of him in the coming months in our new feature film series, ANSWERED PRAYERS. So stay tuned!

4. GO, GOGO, GO!

I feel like every time I pitch GoGo Harder a project, he shakes his head, smiles and says "sounds great" but behind his pearly whites he's saying, "This guy is koo koo crazy!"

But that's why I love GoGo-- he loves crazy, and so do I.

Shortly after we signed him he told me he would not be able to shoot during the summer because he would be touring Europe with his Boylesque show. He was worried I would be upset, but I saw the possibilities for an epic travel log and another addition to our ever growing "EroticDoc" genre. I gave him a camera, slapped him on the back, and said, "Go, GoGo! Go make a movie!

GoGo had a perfect combination of fear and possibility in his eyes (mixed properly with a little self confidence and pride, it's the easy 123 recipe for success).

Without hesitation, he said yes to the idea and a new journey began for both of us. I can't tell you how proud he makes me. He has put a lot on the line: he pushes his boundaries, accepts challenges, confronts limitations, and his ambition does not cloud his judgement. He is genuinely a great guy-- caring, empathetic, funny, and when impatient he's never rude.


It's rare to find guys who are genuine and open about their sexuality so when I do I always try to get them to open up to me and allow me to get to know who they really are as opposed to what society tells them they should be. Such is the case with today's scene. Cameron and Frankie V. were brave enough to tell us (and show us at the same time) who they really are when they're in private with another guy. As the scene progresses we go deeper into their sexuality and turn ons while watching them go from making passionate love to Cameron pounding Frankie V's brains out. This is a beautiful exploration of the mind and body and how they work together to reach that perfect orgasm. I consider myself lucky to have met these two and something tells me they feel pretty lucky they met each other as well.

Cameron and Frankie had been hanging out for a couple of days so the tension had been building up. The day finally arrived and they first start by making out passionately on the couch. Then Cameron pulls out Frankie's rock hard cock and goes to town on it. It's not long before he demands Frankie returned the favor which he's more than willing to do. Inevitably, all of this leads to one thing. Frankie lays on his back with his legs up in the air so that Cameron can spit on his hole and get it ready for what happens next. The lines between passionate love making and hardcore fucking are once again blurred completely.

-CockyBoys Director Jake Jaxson

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