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Meeting Liam (2 Disc Set)

Price: $34.95 $29.99
Studio: CockyBoys

Cockyboys Presents Meeting Liam

Two years ago, CockyBoys released the first part of the erotic thriller, The Haunting. Now an entirely new ghost story begins. Newly minted exclusive model Liam Riley has just moved to New York and is set to film his first sex scene with Levi Karter--his best friend, boy crush, and roommate. But with Jake Jaxson and company away for the weekend, Levi has been tasked to film the scene himself, just as he did before with the film Meeting Jasper. Equipped with nothing but their phones, the guys film everything that goes on from their initial meetup, to their eventual hookups... but not everything is as it seems.


When Tayte Hanson and Ricky Roman are asked to join (because the boys are afraid to be alone), there's plenty of laughing, flirting, impromptu sex, and... ghost stories. Ricky and Levi recount the story of Ruth, a dead woman they communicated with through a ouija board who used to live on the property, and suddenly the night takes a creepy turn. Mysterious noises are heard, shadows lurk around corners, and then Levi's dog Bella disappears late in the night.


Meeting Liam Episode 1


As the first part of a new four-part series, Meeting Liam takes the "found footage" genre to a new level of fear and flirtation. In their unexpected search for Bella, Levi and Liam encounter a barrage of a ghostly sounds and happenings, a party in the basement, a wormhole in the closet, and acorns pitted at them in every direction when they find themselves locked outside with Tayte and Ricky (who are mysteriously naked)! Nothing can prepare Jake Jaxson, in a brief cameo appearance, for what he discovers when he arrives back at the house early the next morning... but luckily he's got the phone footage to explain!


Meeting Liam Episode 2


Nothing can quite describe the events that unfolded the night of October 31st, 2014, not even the footage found by Jake Jaxson the following morning. Recently signed CockyBoy, Liam Riley, had just arrived in New York and was greeted by his best friend and confidante Levi Karter. Levi drove him from the train station to the CockyBoys estate where things quickly heated up leading to Levi popping Liam's CockyBoys cherry with an intimate fuck. Ricky Roman and Tayte Hanson later stopped by to tell the tale of Ruth, a dead woman who they communicated with through a Ouija board. 


Things quickly took a turn for the supernatural when Levi's dog, Bella, suddenly went missing, doors began opening and closing on their own, ghostly noises were heard in the basement, and Levi was sucked through a wormhole in the closet. The next day, CockyBoys CEO Jake Jaxson arrived to find all four boys huddled together on the front porch with Bella wandering helplessly around, acorns and pieces of furniture scattered everywhere, and pumpkins with arrows sticking out of them. 


Now, eight months later, a second set of footage has been discovered from the same Halloween night -- this time told from Tayte and Ricky's point of view. The guys start off trying to enjoy their weekend -- while Levi is off with Liam, Tayte has Ricky. And Tayte wastes no time getting Ricky naked and sucking, rimming and pounding his brains out. But as the night creeps up on them, so does the supernatural activity. 


Levi finds the previously mentioned Ouija board tucked away in a closet with a door that seems to have a life of its own. Too spooked to tamper with it, he stows the board back in the closet only to find it missing again later. As the hunt for Bella continues, and Tayte and Ricky move their steamy sexual tryst outdoors, something totally unexplained occurs. Without giving too much away, the last two minutes of Meeting Liam 2 are so intense and twisted that you'll be left with your jaw wide open. 


Meeting Liam Episode 3


Just in time for Halloween, Jake Jaxson's erotic found footage horror tale, Meeting Liam, expands upon its original premise from its first two chapters and delivers more scares, chills, and intricate storylines twisted together with merciless, hardcore sex for chapter three! Just when you think you've met Liam Riley, the once chipper little stud introduced to CockyBoys exactly one year ago, you've quite literally never seen him like this before. Taking place before and during the mysterious events that unfolded in chapters one and two -- including inanimate objects with minds of their own, a dog with her own personal agenda, disappearing Ouija boards, supernatural portals deep inside closet doors, and lots of casual fucking -- part three shows there's even more to a story than just one camera phone.


Continuing to enjoy his stay at the CockyBoys manor while Jake Jaxson and RJ Sebastian are away, Liam Riley is getting more acquainted with his fellow CockyBoys Levi Karter, Ricky Roman, and Tayte Hanson. While Tayte teaches Liam his intense workout routine, Levi and Ricky explore the estate to find some interesting artifacts -- towers of sticks with bottles loosely dangling from the limbs, a leisurely hammock where they reflect upon their double lives as porn stars.


While Liam is inside the house recording a video diary, Tayte unexpectedly appears -- or what he thinks is Tayte -- to offer up a massage that quickly turns highly erotic. The guys only manage to kiss, rim, and give each other blowjobs before Levi steps in to remind Liam it's time for dinner. He looks back and sees that Tayte's no longer there... and that's only the beginning. At dinner, the boys research the property and discover a rather disturbing history that very slowly starts coming to life -- as beastly creature emerge, voices fill the air, and no one is who they seem to be. 


And that's only the tip of the iceberg in this next-to-last installment of the groundbreaking series, filmed almost completely on the boys' camera phones, that will scare your pants off and then make you jerk off to one spine-tingling climax! AND that's NOT ALL -- members will not have to wait long for the conclusion of Meetig Liam, as PART FOUR will be released just in time for HALLOWEEN.


Meeting Liam Episode 4


Jake Jaxson's multi-layered found footage epic, Meeting Liam, comes to its grand finale with quite a few bangs! Cryptic messages, ghosts, disappearing objects, supernatural portals, and more are all finally explained in this concluding chapter featuring two mind-blowing sex scenes with Levi Karter and Ricky Roman double-penetrating Tayte Hanson and a passionate one-on-one romp with Liam Riley and newcomer Michael Milano. Meeting Liam captures a lust so strong, it penetrates decades long gone by.


Beginning where the third installment left off, Tayte discovers a frazzled Liam alone in the woods for an hour even though he could have sworn he was just upstairs with him and Ricky five minutes ago. Meanwhile, Levi is still hiding in the closet when a mysterious ranger (Michael Milano) with a gun breaks in and explores the house. The house has undergone a supernatural transformation, and the boys now must try navigating back to reality. In a FaceTime chat with Ricky, Levi confirms his speculations -- they’re witnessing the ghostly events leading up to a very violent crime that happened on the property over half a century ago.


Michael thinks he needs to protect the house… but Andrew (Liam RIley) helps him forget about his duties with a sweltering outdoor fuck on the porch. Meanwhile, Aaron (Tayte Hanson) and Chris (Ricky Roman) convince Luke (Levi Karter) to join them in a mind-blowing threeway where Tayte makes room for BOTH Ricky and Levi’s cocks in his DP debut that will make you come for weeks… and then spook the hell out of you with one very twisted final ending.

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