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One Night In Phenix

Price: $34.95 $19.95
Studio: CockyBoys
Quantity Out of stock

CockyBoys Presents One Night In Phenix

Tattooed, tough and sexy! Phenix Saint is a wet dream. This big dicked tattooed fucker takes no prisoners when it comes to sex. With rock solid abs, an ass you want to munch on, and a dick that makes you salivate. Phenix is definitely an Ultimate Cocky Boy. No wonder we want to spend "One Night In Phenix".

Phenix Drills Andrew Blue
WARNING: COCKYBOYS DISCLAIMER: This scene not intended to be viewed by anyone with a weak heart. Have you watched the Discovery Channel lately? Well now is your chance to catch up on what's new. Those crazed-out, sex-starved animals - Phenix and Andrew - are back at it and they mean business this time. They've been out and about the porn industry for the last couple of years and they're done with the whole lovey-dovey stuff. They've come back to show you what happens when two of porn's baddest pigs get together. Phenix completely takes over Andrew and his holes as he chokes, spits, smacks, and DRILLS that pig like he owns it. At one point Andrew breaks down and starts crying like a new-born baby and you can tell by the expression on his face that he is in that animalistic state of mind, driven by his hunger for more of Phenix's cock, ready to take it as hard as his man gives it to him as if his life depended on it. This is the real stuff, Gentlemen. Intense, brutal, verbal, hardcore... One of Cockyboys' best scenes so far! You've been warned!

Phenix Fucks Cameron
I thought it was time for the Phenix to rise again so I paired him up with that hot piece of ass, Cameron Adams. Cameron walks in on Phenix shining up his car and decides it's Phenix's hot cock that needs the spit shine so he drops to his knees and starts sucking on that dick for all it's worth. Phenix returns the favor, working on Cameron's shaft and balls with his tongue as he brings Cameron right to the edge. Before he lets Cameron blow his load though Phenix decides he wants some ass so he lays Cameron down on the trunk of the car and has his way with his hot tight hole. Next he bends Cameron over in the back seat so he can fuck him doggie style for a while. The two end up fucking on their side on the garage floor. Phenix is banging him so hard you can hear their flesh slapping together with each hard thrust. Almost completely spent, the guys finish up jerking off side by side. Cameron blows his load first all over his tight stomach and then Phenix busts a nut all over himself. Gay sex and garages...a match made in gay porn heaven. Check it

Phenix Fucks Connor
Connor has an ass that was just built to be eaten and fucked. He looks like he should be served up to a bigger muscular top for dinner. So, that's what we decided to do. I tapped my boy Phenix Saint. Phenix took Connor by the hand and lead him over to the dining room table. Phenix pushed Connor over on the table and said, "I'm going to fuck him right here." The scene starts with Phenix rimming Connor's ass as Connor lays spread eagle on the dining room table. Next they take turns sucking each other's cocks. Phenix then pushes Connor's legs up in the air and drives his cock right in Connor's hole. They fuck in a few positions -- including Connor riding Phenix's cock right in the middle of the table. The scene ends with cum shooting everywhere. Phenix cums so much the whole table almost gets wet. If you've ever wanted to devour a twink, this is your dream meal. Check it.

Jesse & Phenix Flip Fuck
One of the best things about my Cockboys is that they aren't afraid of mixing it up once in a while. Sometimes they're taking a nice fat dick and sometimes they're givin' to a nice tight ass. And sometimes - if we're lucky - they do both. Jesse and Phenix are just hot. No special circumstances about this scene. Just two smokin' hot dudes who wanted to fuck the hell out of each other - so they did! And I caught it on film! They start off by taking turns sucking on each other's nice fat cocks. Props to Phenix - his BJ skills are REALLY getting impressive. He get's Jesse so worked up that Jesse straps on a condom, bends Phenix over, and goes to town on his ass. Phenix, who used to only be a top, had no complaints. He likes it so much he decides he wants to ride it. He sits Jesse down and starts bouncin' up and down on his cock - fucking himself on his dick. But then it's Jesse's turn to get fucked. Phenix lays Jesse down and really plows into him - and Jesse loves every second of it. He starts fucking him so hard you can hear Phenix's balls slapping against Jesse's tight ass over the sound of Jesse's moans. Finally Jesse can't take anymore and blows his load all over his stomach. Phenix quickly pulls out and sprays Jesse down with a load of his own. Variety...the spice of life. Check it.

Ludovic Fucks Phenix
I gotta tell you - Phenix is gettin' damn good at bottoming. He better be careful or one might think he actually likes it. My hot French buddy Ludovic saw Phenix bottoming in another scene and asked me (in his sexy french accent) "How do I get to fuck that ass?" Naturally my response was "Let me film it". He agreed, and it didn't take much to convince Phenix to bend over once he got a good look at Ludovic. They start off in Ludovic's bed with Phenix sucking on Ludovic's big hot cock. Then Ludovic returns the favor by getting on all fours to blow Phenix (let's see if I can get him on all fours for another reason). Check out how Ludovic plays with Phenix's cock piercing with his tongue - guys love that fucking around with that thing. When it's time to get down to the main event Phenix bends over the bed and Ludovic wastes no time getting in deep and going to town. He pumps Phenix's ass for a good long while and, from the look on Phenix's face, he has no objections. I knew Phenix was getting better at bottoming but I was shocked how much cock this kid's able to take now! They decide to lay down on the bed so Ludovic can fuck him from behind on their side (one of my personal favorite positions). Then Ludovic gets on his knees so he can get in really deep while Phenix lays on his back. Phenix finally reaches his breaking point - I mean, a top can only handle getting fucked for so long. Ludovic pulls out and the boys lay down beside each other and jerk off. It isn't long before Ludovic shoots a huge load all over his chest and stomach. Right after Phenix shoots a nice gooey load of his own all over his hot tattooed stomach. Way to take it like a champ Phenix.

Phenix Solo
Phenix Saint -- hot,six pack, big dick, scruffy surfer San Diego boy look, and a fucking HOT surprise at the end of his cock -- it's pierced with a big thick ring in the end of it. I swear I precum just thinking about it. I met Phenix down in San Diego on the beach. He was wearing a really tight swimsuit, and you could see the ring on the end of his large cock. One too many Corona and I'll say about anything. So I just asked him if his dick was pierced. It rattled him a little. He's 'straight' and a tad bashful. I offered him a beer and he finally chilled out. No matter how hard I tried though, he wouldn't pull his dick out. It drove me crazy -- I won't lie -- because you could see it right through his swimsuit. Finally a couple of weeks later he hit me up because he needed cash to get his car fixed and admitted he was a little turned on at the idea of jacking off in front of a camera. I was like 'fuck yeah' -- and we shot his solo scene. I don't really get into the whole 'converting straight boys' thing -- but if there was ever one I wanted to get dirty with at first site it's Phenix Saint. Let's just say he would walk a little funny the next day, and probably change his last name.....definitely.

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