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eurocreme house boy houseboy

House Boy

Price: $25.99 $19.99
Studio: Eurocreme
Quantity Out of stock

Eurocreme presents House Boy

Pleasing their clients, smooth twinks Steven and Justin work hard, and player harder as they clean the homes of the wealthyÖ in their underwear. When cute, but insatiable Steven covers for his friend, he meets muscle stud Neil Stevens, handsome as hell and with a dick to match his huge torso, thereís going to explosive sex from the very beginning!! Threesome fucking throughout, with huge dicks and the prettiest boys around, itís one house-call we all want to answer.

Watch the trailer here;

Scene One: Toned and tattooed twinks!
Calling in a favour, Justin gets to stay in bed, and itís very easy to see why he would want to!! Tattooed twink Mark has one of the most ripped abs ever seen, and with his cheeky grin and mischievous eyes, not to mention the kind of peachy ass that begs for a dick, heís the ideal bed fellow!! After a quick dick sucking, these lads get down to the real stuff, Justinís super hard cock going right into Mark as he bounces on top, letting Justin have free reign on how fast, deep and hard to push his hole, and of course, it gives us the best angles to see it!! Ready to release his hot load, Justin puts his hands to good work as he jacks off his new fuck buddy, before joining the spunk-fun and coating the other half of his mates body in fresh jizz!!

Scene Two: Stud Neil shows of his muscles!
Enjoying themselves, Andy and Neil have a great fuck on the sumptuous bed in neils plush townhouse. With one of the hottest stud bodies, muscle man Neil also has one of the most suckable dicks ever created, cute and twinky Andy certainly makes of the most of it as he makes it wet with spit, tasting every inch as Neil stands over him, his manly frame holding onto the bed. Showing off his stunning body even more, Neil works Andyís butt with his thick meat, tensing every rippling muscle as he slides nicely in and out of Andy in an advanced doggy style, giving us a view to die for of scorching hot sex!! Andy is one lucky soul to have such a fantastic fuck, this scene cannot be rated highly enough, itís perfect, from the sensual sucking to the crazy cumshots which drain both fuckers completely!!

Scene Three: Alex Stevens in threesome fuckfest!!
Stevenís plan to lure back two hotties to his place has worked perfectly. After shaving and getting ready for a great night out, he brings back Czech stud Alex and American twink John and the fun and games start right away! Bulging out of their sexy underwear, Steven drops to his knees in front of them, surrounded by throbbing shafts waiting for a real sucking, and boy do they get one!! Stuck in the middle, Steven gets the best of both of these eager lads, building up to an awesome sit roasting Iím so jealous of, but at least we get to watch all three at it!! Letting both smooth guys fuck his peachy butt, Steven ends up being well and truly fucked, in the ass and the face, if he had another hole, which would have no doubt been used as well!!

Scene Four: Group Sex Birthday Present!!
Booked for a birthday, Justin arrives at Will and Ollieís apartment hoping theyíre cute young guys, and to his, and our delight, they really are!! Will is tall, slim, smooth, with sexy dark features but the most gorgeous blue eyes, even without stripping, heíll be getting you hard within seconds! As Justin undresses to his sexy boxers, Will and Ollie make-out, and the 2-way is a 3-way within seconds! They must teach cock sucking skills at the houseboy training school, as Justin is just as good as Steven, and hungry as hell for it!! With Ollie lowering himself onto Justinís waiting dick, using his great beefy legs, heís spit-roasted by the horned up twinks as Justin works himself deeper into him, with a swop in between, Will takes over the ass action and gives us a fucking horny show that you canít miss out on!!

Scene Five: Neil pounds Stevenís butt!!
We finally get to see what is undoubtedly the horniest scene; muscle stud Neil is back, looking more ripped than ever, and horn-dog Steven really is loving every second heís got his hands on his huge torso. Laying back on the sofa and getting harder and harder, (just like us) we get to see Neilís hugely delicious dick burst out of his pants again, with Steven ready to swallow it up!! Back in his jockstrap, that bubble butt is framed perfectly, especially when he bends over, ready for the kind of workout only a gym addict can give him. Grinding back onto Neilís massive meat, Steven is eager for more and is fucked deep into the sofa, as Neilís amazing body tenses and tightens, becoming the most defined itís ever been, giving Steven the fuck of his young life!!

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