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What Porn & Sex Addicts Have to Say About Studmall: Your One-Stop Shop Cheap Discount Gay Porn DVD Store

  • "Benny Morecock and his team offer a unique twist on the online DVD retailer. Rather than treating you as an anonymous shopper, the team thrives on the 'mom and pop' experience that is a dying art in the impersonal age of [gay sex] internet shopping.'

    Cybersocket Magazine

  • "Studmall changed my life! I used to be just a fast food addict, but now I'm addicted to hot, cheap gay porn too! Thanks Studmall!"

    Brian Ritz - StudMuffinBlog.com

  • "Benny Morecock here, manager and owner of Studmall. I'm happy to present the new, relaunched Studmall Discount Gay DVD Store. In addition to the new look and feel of the website, I've kicked my team in the ass to make sure we've got top-notch personal customer service, and I'm working hard to bring you the best quality Gay DVDs at the cheapest prices.

    Some of my favorite studios that I carry are:

    • Cocky Boys
    • Cazzo
    • Treasure Island
    • Raging Stallion
    • Eurocreme
    • Lucas Entertainment
    • Raw
    • Alphamale Media
    • Cobra
    • Bare
    • Ditry Piss Fuckers
    • Ayor

    All my New Releases are 25% off, and I've got DVDs for as low as $9.87!

    I LOVE gay porn, and that's why I'm so excited to bring the world more cock. Happy shopping!"

    Benny Morecock - BennyMorecock.com

  • "Hugo Harley here, your resident Porn Addict. When it comes to gay porn, I'm no joke-- I take it VERY seriously. Since I work in the industry, I've watch about every porn DVD out there (the good ones, at least)... solely for professional purposes ;)... Studmall is one of the best gay porn DVD stores out there... Quick, cheap and easy (just like how I like my men). This is one of the most over-looked gay porn stores out there."

    Hugo Harley - INeedGayPornBlog.com

  • "It's been taken over by bunch of creative punk kids from Brooklyn who are young, fun, and full of cum... Studmall is divided into two sections: Hot new releases primarily from East Coast producers, and riDICKulously discounted DVDs... Give it a shot... help feed the hipsters..."


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