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dads fuck lads breaking em in

Dads Fuck Lads: Breaking 'Em In

Price: $19.99 $6.99
Studio: Alphamale Media
Quantity Out of stock

dads fuck lads breaking em in dads fuck lads breaking em in dads fuck lads breaking em in dads fuck lads breaking em in dads fuck lads breaking em in

Dads Fuck Lads presents Breaking 'Em In

Daddy’s home and he’s horny! With a fresh batch of young, innocent twinks comes the opportunity to break them in and teach them how to take a real man’s cock! Featuring four scenes of filthy older fuckers deflowering young virgin boys, splitting them open and stretching their untouched assholes until the spurt their hot salty loads over the boys’ wide-eyed and eager faces!! It’s a non-stop cherry pop fuckfest, where the men are in control and the boys just have to spread their legs and take it!!

Watch the trailer here:

1: Fucking Best Mate’s Dad!

When a friend of his son’s comes over looking for a game of football, butch daddy Thierry finds him something much more fun to do! Tall, broad and stacked with muscle, the deliciously hairy older man gets the boy to strip off his clothes and show him his toned, slender little body. It definitely gets his seal of approval, as the dad immediately begins exploring it with his tongue, greedily sucking his cock and invading his tiny, tight asshole with it. Eager to please, the young boy willing swallows the man’s big, fat daddy cock, wrapping his lips around the monstrously thick shaft. What the older guy really wants though is to ram that colossal cock of his as far up inside the teen as possible, fucking him deep and hard and then dumping his heavy load of cum across the boy’s sweet face!!

breaking em in dads fuck lads breaking em in dads fuck lads
2: Tattooed Twink Fucked!

Tattooed twink Ivan, with his dark, olive skin and intensely, bright blue eyes is an irresistible young man, which is why handsome, suited letting agent Freddy can’t keep his hands off of him when his father is out of the house! This scene is truly horny as these are two of the hottest models we’ve paired together, and seeing Freddy’s furry and muscular form pressed against Ivan’s slender and defined body is a sight that will make your cock jump immediately!! Both man and boy have got thick, delicious cocks which they feast on without hesitation, before Ivan climbs onto the older man’s throbbing meat and rides him hard over the kitchen counter!!

breaking em in dads fuck lads breaking em in dads fuck lads
3: Dad Does Dogwalker Doggystyle!

Big, gruff, rough and tough Northern dad Duke is tank of man, with huge biceps, thick, meaty thighs and a massively broad chest, all covered with masculine tattoos. However when he hears his slim, young dogwalker is broke he kindly offers him a way to make some extra money…by letting him fuck him!! A real man, Duke isn’t afraid to pound the boy’s pale, smooth ass mercilessly, holding his slender frame steady so that he can penetrate as deep as he can, making the teen moan with untold pleasure before both of them cum in an explosion of spunk!!

breaking em in dads fuck lads breaking em in dads fuck lads
4: Bathroom Boner Riding!

Sweet, young twink JP is taking a bath when hairy handyman Nathan Price arrives to check the shower, but he’s distracted by the sight of JP’s pale, hairless body under the water and just has to get his hands on it! Nathan is a true muscle daddy, with a thick layer of fur across his chest and stomach and a stubbly beard across his strong, manly jaw. The best part about him though is his enormous and rock solid cock that he quickly has the small, toned teen sucking and worshipping on his knees! It’s a fucking filthy hardcore pounding that comes up next as Nathan puts JP’s little round ass in his lap, cock rammed firmly inside and fucks him rough and hard, then blows his load over the boy’s sweet face and eager tongue!!

breaking em in dads fuck lads breaking em in dads fuck lads

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